Monday, October 11, 2010

Going There

I think about this often, but try to push it away. But I think I'm going to go there, with you.

While I have spent time and money to lose weight, there are people dying of starvation right this very minute.

While I worry about putting together a sexy outfit for my husband, there are women in this world condemned to death for having sex.

I have spent thousands of dollars to stop myself from eating because I live in opulance and indulgence.

I have spent thousands of dollars to feel a sense of acceptance of my body so that I can wear clothes not for necessity, but for fashion.

Obesity is a slow killer. I must do what I need to do to be successful, so that I can well meet the needs of my family. I will do what I can, when I can. Everything I am doing and learning now, I will one day use to help others for a much greater cause than profit. These are the thoughts that help me sleep at night when I can't help myself from going there.


  1. We all go there sometimes. I remember about a month after I had surgery,I had to go to a corporate Feeding America presentation and I couldn't help thinking of what I just had done with people that had no food.
    Your attitude is a good one though - beyond the superficial we get from this we are ultimately living longer fuller lives in which we can give back.

  2. I think that is a good place to go. I try to go there quit often. I am not going to feel bad about spending money on getting myself healthy, but I also do what I can to help others. Case in point, I know I have had lots of clothes that could go to the sisterhood, but I donate all of my clothes to a woman at the church that runs a homeless giveaway every month. We are also going to be working a soup kitchen the day before Thanksgiving. I know I do not do nearly enough, but I am trying to teach my daughter to do what she can, and not make her main focus in life on how much money she can make or have when there are so many that do not have. I love your insight, and thank you for sharing!

  3. what is it about changing our bodies that make us rethink *everything*? i have this same conversation in my head all the time. i want to sometimes walk away from it all and just do something that will help me sleep better at night....something that will make a REAL difference. thanks for putting it out there....

    ps. thanks for your comments today. your brother (and I) are lucky to have you.

  4. I have these same thoughts since before I had surgery. I spent a summer in central Africa (camping) and people there had just the clothes on their back....they didnt know where their next meal was coming from...very sad :( You're keeping a good attitude about it...yes, we've spent thousands, but we now have lots to teach others. Hang in there.

  5. It does make us rethink things.. I often get in that mind place of "why are we on this earth".. yeah.. I don't usually have a good conclusion..