Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now it's bloggers fault!

The inability to leave comments cascaded into the inability to access my blog correctly altogether. And then I just kind of gave up with it. I did want to mention how much I appreciate the comments from new (to me) bloggers.

I am in the last two weeks of my current job. Furiously ending projects, passing them onto the service providers, training people like mad, and trying to organize the way I should have been all along. It blows my mind that one year ago, I knew I needed just one amazing project to stand out- and hit the jackpot with my very first assignment. I was in disbelief even while it was happening that it was what it was. And I was able to deliver on everything after that, and one year later- I feel like I can blow it out of the water. I'm excited to take my skills to the next level. I have had amazing mentoring and education, and have worked my ass off.

I've also been getting ready for my new job almost every second that I'm not at my old job. My new license picture is HORRIBLE, but I LOVE IT. I'm not 300 lbs in it! Just a little bit startled. Yes!

Shopping has become an ironic punishment from hell. I've had to do so much of it, and since the things I need generally are not on sale, I'm extremely picky. For full price, clothes have to almost transform me. Here's a hint: I've been purposely shopping without make-up on, because if I can look great in an outfit without it... I know it will only be even better when I wear it for real.

Oh, and I also had the bright idea to get Mirena (IUD) so I don't get my period while I'm traveling. I asked my doctor if she thought that was a crazy idea, and she said that other women had done it for the same reason. When I had one previously, I wasn't mental, it cleared my skin, and I never had my period. This time however- I'VE GAINED WEIGHT. Five ligitimate pounds. I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER ABOUT THIS. The only things that are keeping me from ripping it out myself are 1) I know side effects generally wear off (and I'm only about 4 weeks into this) and 2) I will be traveling, and probably not eating, and that will hopefully take this stupid weight off. I have not done a real thing to maintain my weight loss, but I have not ruled out having to actually count calories or put some effort into this if my weight doesn't normalize.

The kids all start school right around the time I start my job. My step-son unexpectedly came to live with us. The month we spent with the kids this summer was so good- we gave him an open invitation. Much to everyone's surprise, his mother (a general term for her...) agreed. So, we're putting him in the same private school that our 6 year old goes to. Expensive, but worth the peace of mind. He gave us zero grief about the decision, and while I know he's a teenager and will often act like one, I think he's going to do very well with all of this.

It seems like there has been so much else going on. Literally not a second to spare, but it's all been positive. Even with the weight gain, I still wear the same size, and clothes look fine. The weight is water, I can see the "bloat"...gross. Anyway, other than THAT, everything is good. And I've still been sneaking in reading blogs, even though I was ticked, and blogger refused to cooperate on my end. Now I'm off to read a little more, and!

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