Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nothing but the truth

*Weight is up to 175... and I have an overwhelming compulsion to be honest here. Every year at Christmas, we order a case of Utz crab (old bay seasoning) potatoe chips. It used to be, you could only get them in a grab bag size. Now, you can only get them in the family bag size. Do you need it spelled out any more than that? Put.the.pieces.together.

*Working. Lots. No blogging. Did well with food during the week. With this fill, I get hungry after awhile, but then am way too restricted to do any sort of starving feeding frenzy. I dunno. I really don't know.

* Went to a Met production of Puccini today. "Golden Girl of the West"- interesting, an American western sung as an Italian opera. Only Puccini could get away with it. Opera always gets me hot & bothered... it's very sexy. We were in the back row, and there were about four other people in the theatre. Next time I need to remember to wear something other than skinny jeans.

* So, we went home and had an amazing evening. I am living a real love affair. I feel so lucky. We're technically married (drive through in Vegas), but it's better than that. Working on ten years of being together, and we still find new things. I am ruined for life. Il est mon reason d'etre.

* I've been drinking Lime Rickey's since Friday after work. I use Sprite Zero for the base, so it saves one third of the calories. I use equal parts grape sour dekyper, lime tequila/liquor, and the lemon/lime diet soda. Extreme yumminess that you don't expect anything from... but then it delivers.

*Maybe some changes at work coming up. I passed up my first opportunity, not sure if I can do the same this time around.

* My oldest son called to say he doesn't think things are going to work out between himself and his "girlfriend". And that he's been talking to his old girlfriend down here. I stayed cool. I did.

*No news on the bio dad thing. And I can say in all honesty, it's fine. If I want to pursue, I can. I have the luxury of feeling complete... I don't know how or why... but I'm ok. This would be a "nice" to know, not "need" to know.

*I've been reading blogs like mad, but not commenting so much. I love reading what you have to say. Everyone elses life seems so much more exciting than mine. So keep blogging or I'll have not life at all. And it will be all your fault. Go post NOW!


  1. missed you! Glad to see you posting :)

  2. Weight will be down before you know it!

  3. hmm, opera huh? maybe I'll have to give it a try....

    i know what you mean about not having an exciting life. Mine is a major snooze fest. but I kinda like it that way. I would love to have some more excitement in my life, but only controlled excitement. does that even make sense? I have a very drama free life, and that I wouldn't change!

    Have a wonderful day, and I hope only good changes are coming at work!

  4. Glad the excitement never ends. You are too funny about the opera "watching". And no confessions needed on the food. This from me who demolished a sh!tload of cookies. I need to move on and get the next 10 pounds off. But it will come, for both of us.

  5. Miss you!
    I feel like I am truly hibernating!
    Skinny jeans ruin everything!

  6. Well - I'd be too up with those crab chips around. They are evil. The lime Ricky's sound good too. I think you have more going on than most - not boring at all.

  7. You always make me smile. Way to go on keeping your cool about the GF.

  8. I'm up too. Damn holidays! It's never going to be effortless, but we do our best. Love you!

  9. Oh, honey. Not the UTZ crab chips. They are like crack! My dr appt is tomorrow, but it's snowing like crazy so not sure if I'm going to make it in. I really need a fill and he better give me one or, so help me God, I'll grab the needle and saline and handle it myself. Re: your son and his girlfriend - "HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU NOT DO THE HAPPY DANCE RIGHT THEN AND THERE?" I'm doing it and I don't even have to deal with her. Hopefully I'm burning a few calories.