Sunday, January 30, 2011

Late to the party...

Something About Kellie... ( and Justawallflower ( were so sweet to nominate me for this award. I didn't want either one to think the gesture had gone unrecognized or unappreciated by me. That isn't the case at all. I think it's just been awhile, and I'm old and rusty. Sorry to be late... I'll try to play by the rules from here on out:

Seven things you may not know (or may not want to know!) about me-

1) The official answer to "do you play the piano?" is a resounding NO. However, I studied for many years, and I enjoy playing as an outlet. My parents bought me a piano for my birthday last week, and my husband and children are ready to kill me, but it has been such a stress reliever to play again. One thing those years of study ingrained in me is when I don't get something right, keep doing it. Over and over again, then sllightly different, and then over again- until it is perfect. It's helped me in every aspect of my life.

2) My husband and I are fluent in French and speak to each other frequently en Francais. Well, him mostly. When I'm not worried about sounding like an idiot, I will speak. I can read and understand almost everything, though. We want to run away to the South of France, and we have plans to do just that.

3) I am agnostic. I have difficulty with religion in general. However, I do believe in spirituality and in the power of goodness.

4) In college, I was at the top of my graduating class, and also the class president the year we graduated. I was voted "most likely to stop for a diet coke on the way to a code". (I've upgraded to diet pepsi...)

5) I hated nursing school (although I kept that knowledge to myself), and when I grduated I initially didn't even look for a RN position , but instead I tooka job at Ann Taylor. I couldn't afford to keep that job ( I spent more than I made), so ended up conceding and getting a real nursing job after a few months. My nursing career has been fabulous since. There are so many different things to do within the field, and it's allowed me to help make a comfortable life for family.

6) I was a party girl during high school, and still have a wild side. However, the one thing I would never do is cheat on my spouse. I've been cheated on, and really think it's lame. If you are going to do something, have the decency to be honest with everyone. I think it's really bad karma.

7) It takes me forever to get ready in the morning- I get up two hours before we leave. I don't know what takes that long (and some of it is helping my six year old get ready), but I seem to have only one speed in the early morning... "slow". Or it's my OCD, which is probably the real reason. On weekends, I refuse to do the whole make-up and hair routine. I love doing girly stuff, but sometimes it's just exhausting...

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  1. Are you are so speaking French to me next time we get together. I can't believe I missed out on that in Chicago. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. I studied French in High School - I loved it! Unfortunately I have forgotten most of it now but can recognise a word of two here and there. I went on French Trip in High School to New Caledonia - It was amazing.

    My favourite sentence was "parlour vous l'englais?"


  3. Yes, what Jen said! I am french, maiden name is Doucette and I wish I spoke the language!

    I am shocked that you were a party girl in HS and still are! The horror!

  4. Salut ma bonne amie. Le Canada est un pays bilingue mais hélas, je ne peux pas parler beaucoup de français. I try. But it is very very bad. Even my kids laugh when I try. Thank god my job isn't classified as bilingual or I would be unemployed!! J'aime numéro 4 au-dessus.

  5. Je ne peux pas croire que tu n'a jamais été une fille fête! Attendez, quand avez-vous cesser d'être une "party girl"? Tu me manques, mon amour.

  6. Hi there - new follower to your blog. Great list :) COngrats on your journey so far - you are looking amazing! You should be so proud of your effort so far.