Monday, March 14, 2011

It's all in the tarot cards.

Life is full. Of what depends on the day. ;)

We had a few friends over this weekend and decided to have a tarot card reader come entertain us. The gal who we hired was really interesting- she's written some books and has some very unique perspectives. Anyway, she says I'm going to live a long, healthy life. :)

My mom called this morning to tell me that my biological dad died in January. She just found the obituary today. It's unfortunate, but also the best way to find out how everyone fits together- and it looks like I have two more sisters. I don't think I'm going to contact them at this point. I was once again completely surprised about how cool my mom has been about all of this. She actually signed the obituary with her maiden name and my birth name! I was impressed with her boldness. :0

Home with a sick six year old today. Work is good. I'm getting a good amount accomplished, and am happy about how much presenting I've been doing, and that there is so much interest in what I have to share. I'm at the flagship hospital, and what I set up is most likely what is going to be used system wide. I've got a meeting at another hospital tomorrow afternoon to get a process going there. Fun. :-)

I appreciate all the supportive comments. I get a little embarrassed sharing things. I feel like a drama queen. :(


  1. Never be embarrased, honey. We all have drama and we all have times where we need to reach out. Hugs to you, Lara!

  2. I've been to a few tarot card readers and some are pretty scarily on target, but others were a joke. Glad you got a decent one. You know you shouldn't be embarrassed sharing with us. We are your soul sisters!

  3. Don't you ever feel that way....we love you and are always here for you! Hope your little guy is feeling better.

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  5. We are all drama queens. Glad to hear things are good!

  6. You are not a drama queen. That is life altering news IMHO.

    Great job on the project! Sounds challenging but awesome!

  7. You're so not a drama queen!

    My bio dad died a few years ago. It didn't change anything in my life. I knew him a bit, but didn't really want to get close to him.

  8. So glad you seem to be in such a good place...other than the sick child, of course.