Friday, April 22, 2011

"Beach & Moon"

  • Long story summed up: Swiss -> French -> English translation-> "Bitch & Moan" and I'm about to do it!

  • Going to a family luau tomorrow. My grandmother is Hawaiian, and they are famous for these. But it's going to be outside, and it will be maybe 55 degrees out, and I feel like they only want us there for a freak show. Mr. Wonderful is staying sane about this, and says we should go and have a good time and ignore anyone we don't want to deal with. This side of the family thinks they are so perfect, and are judgemental of anyone they consider a "loser"- a term they letfreely fly. The last time they saw me, I was at my absolute heaviest. I do NOT enjoy the "oh, you look so good... how did you do it... wow, you used to be a complete heifer and now you're not... good job fatty!"

  • I missed most of work this week to spend time with my six year old. I have plans a, b, and c- but thought it would be really great bonding time if I spent as much time as I could doing things with him. We hung out with cousins, went to dinner, went swimming, drove to favorite parks, went to the mall to meet the easter bunny, ran around toys 'r'us, went to jump & bounce, the library, out to dinner, and we still need to make plans for the weekend. hopefully the stupid luau will build fabuous childhood memories!

  • Work was alot of drama, when I was there. I called the company that left me a message last Thursday saying they were very interested in me. I should download the message and have you all take votes on what you think. I am consoling myself with thre fact that lots of people go on vacation this week. I left a vm on Monday, and on Weds... maybe on more next week? There's a fine line between "interested go getter" and "crazy stalker". Any thoughts on what's professionally acceptable here?

  • My husband has family pictures next week. This is so difficult for mre. If we do this, we are only going to include my husband, myself, and our son. It's impossible to get his three here for this, and kind of awkward to have my kids in these. So we're trying to keep it simple. We'll be wrong pretty much anyway we plan on handling the situation so pppfffttt!!! Maybe I'll be interviewing on that day...

  • The week after that, most of my family is flying out for a little mini spring break. This doesn't usually emotionally end well for me, so everyone around me is bracing for the fall out. Maybe it will be just fine. Right?

  • That same weekend, Mr. W and are made plans to go see Joan Jett in concert- we're spending the night. Doing a little gambling. A little drinking. A little eating. It's fun for us, we almost always come back with things we talk and laugh about for years after. Great times!

  • I ate an entire super nachos today. That's it. My scale says I'm up a few, but it said that to all of us, so I'm wondering if it isn't just a big old lying hunk of metal lying on my floor ready to torment anyone who will stand on it.

  • I could keep going on here, but my sleeping meds are starting to hit... good night my pretties. Thanks for reading, and keep on posting!!!

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  1. Ah love the part about spending time with your son...and F the family....ugh. I hear ya!