Friday, July 8, 2011

It's like getting paid to eat chocolate...

My new job starts on August 22nd. I should get the offer in writing next week. The negotiation thingy worked- crazy. I'd have done it for a whole lot less. I want the JOB, the money is secondary. Although it's very nice to feel tangibly valued. Honestly, for me this will be like getting paid to eat chocolate.

I'm thinking I want to actually start watching what I eat- as in no junk, and eat for nutrients and quality AND also start running, specifically for the health benefits. There's about six weeks until I start my job, and my goal is to feel healthy and strong. I want to do this because I'm starting to think I'm worth the investment. Yes, stinky thinking dies hard. My band is being wonderful and it's beyond nice to not be controlled by food.

Our house has been a zoo this week. My step son's 16th birthday was on the fourth, so we had a houseful of people, food, and fireworks (which were outside!). My sister and b-i-l and their new (18mos!) baby are visiting from California. My son is here to see an orthopedist, and everyone will be here tonight... the rest of the weekend is just as (actually more!) insane.

Blogger is naughty. My blog freezes- and I can't leave comments. Pffffffffffffft on you blogger. :(


  1. I'm so happy you got the job! congrats!!

  2. You are awesome! And inspiring. Congrats and yes, you are sooo worth it!

  3. HA! I knew they would give you what you asked for! So excited for you. Not just for the job, but the self worth as well!

  4. Catching up on your blog....mega congrats on the job!!! You absolutely deserve it! PS. I miss you. xoxo