Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfast !?!

My interview next Thursdays is scheduled to start- with breakfast!?! I can't eat in the mornings. I think I can eat oatmeal without needing to head for the restroom. Is it wrong that I don't want first introductions to include eating issues? Help !?!

Band update: Well, there really isn't one. Weight is steady- for well over a year now. Still eat whatever I want- just smaller portions. Size 12- top and bottom. Restriction remains. Everything and every reason I got my band for is happening- physical and mental health, clothes and shopping, fitting into society better (literally and figuratively), and obtaining what I thought I needed to progress professionally.

But, I am admittedly abnormal in my ability to eat- and I am also admittedly not sure how to deal with this in a new social situation. Can't I just pretend I was never fat?


  1. Just grab yogurt and a coffee or a tea. This is an interview --- I don't think it's weird for you to not want to eat during it, since you're going to be fielding questions. Just say you're not much of a breakfast eater if you're feeling like an explanation is needed, and leave it at that.

    (And yes, you CAN pretend you were never fat! Even better, you can just act as though you are thin -- which you are. Anything that came before now just isn't relevant in your interview!)

  2. I hope the interview goes well and I agree with Catherine....everything she said!