Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today my daughter graduates from high school! She's really gotten her act together, and I'm proud of her accomplishment. The expectation was for no less than this, and what I'm the most proud of to this point, is that she's registered for all of her college classes in the fall. From my experience (or lack of)- education will be key for her to live a fulfilled life.

Speaking of lack of education... my face to face interview is on June 16th in Philadelphia. They don't usually interview people with "your profile". I GET IT! But, someone is smart enough to see that I am more than capable. The phone interview went very well. I think "who" I knew was what convinced them of "what" I knew. That's kind of a bummer because I was excited to talk shop with someone. The face to face is just to make sure that I dress professionally (HOW I LOOK- THANK YOU BAND), that I can handle myself professionally (it's only eight hours a day!?!), and that I can give a damn good presentation (and I can).

It's strange to think that only two weeks ago my grandmother passed away, and all the emotion that went along with that. Here we are now- life goes on and the good comes after the difficult. I want lots of good things for my daughter's life, and today marks that beginning.


  1. Congrats to your daughter and to you for getting to the face to face interview! You'll rock it I am sure!

  2. Good luck on the interview! You are going to kick some major butt!!!

    Congrats to your daughter as well :)

  3. I'm so sorry about your grandmother and even sorrier that I didn't read about it sooner. I've been really terrible about reading blogs. I've been in a serious funk and need to get out of it. Congrats on your daughter. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it? My daughter will be a junior in high school next year and I can't believe it.

  4. Good Luck on your interview! I know you will do great...congrats to your daughter!!