Sunday, July 11, 2010

Proud Momma!

Here's the sweet little family to be. My son took his girlfriend to the top of the ski resort he had worked at since he was 16 years old, and officially asked her to marry him. He gave her the ring his father gave me. I don't think that's a bad omen... right? I've been saving it for him, if he wanted it. It's completely 80's, and he asked if I'd be offended if he had the diamonds reset, and of course I would be fine with that. Out of all of the choices he's made in his life, I have to admit I'm actually really proud of him with this one. She is exactly the kind of girl I would have picked for him...she's a tough (yet sweet)cookie... and so smart... and in nursing school! Oh, and I'm a Mimi x2! I promise, this isn't selfish on my part...

What else... we went to "Despicable Me"... so darling. I cried at the end. I went to so much trouble to cover that fact up in the theatre, and here I am blabbing it to the world. I have this "thing" for Steve Carrel. I had a dream a couple of months ago that I made out with him. Almost as good as movie theatre popcorn. Yummy. (Yes, my husband knows about this dream, and no, he doesn't seem to worried...).

I'm going to take the job. I had a good long time to think about it by myself under the stars on Saturday night (my five year old and I had a camp out on the trampoline, and he pooped out before I did... go figure...) ... and taking this new job is the right thing to do. I love what I'm doing, but I also love new challenges. It's time.

The match between my friends appeared to go very well, conversation flowed like wine, which was what I expected. Food was fabulous, and you knew I'd have to mention that. I have so far refrained from calling them both this evening to see what they each thought, but will be following up tomorrow so it looks like I have some restraint and tact.

My band is back in action. This weekend, I've been appreciating it for the fact that I do get restriction, even with carbohydrates. Obviously the full feeling doesn't last as long as when I eat protein like a good little bandster, but I am thrilled with how little I can eat of "regular" food. I hope I never take this for granted.

I'm taking to heart your comments about college marriages and about my job decision. I value your opinions. It's awesome when I make a decision, and then read what you've had to say that completely supports my own thought process. We can't ALL be crazy!!!


  1. I think you are an awesome mum. I really get the feeling you would be there for your kids regardless of whether you thought they were doing the right thing of not.

    Isn't that what parenting is about. Helping them grow up and make their own decisions? Life is never easy and your kids are lucky to know you are there right behind them.

    PS Don't tell my 4 year old you attempted a sleep out on the trampoline - I sooo don't want to do that - lol!!

  2. Great picture of your son's new family. Congratulations! Good luck with the new job.

  3. Congratulations on all fronts!

  4. That's great news! They make a cute family :)

  5. YIPPEE - congrats! You're the best Grandma and Mom evah!!!

  6. Congrats to you!!!! P.S. I fell asleep in the theatre watcning Despicable Me yesterday - I guess vacation tired me out more than I thought!