Thursday, July 1, 2010

Since this is a Band Blog...

Can I just say that even though we have so much in common, I absolutely adore the diversity of our group? Your comments have been spectacular, motivating, hilarious, supportive, and much appreciated. Maddie and Aiden are doing very well. Baby is the best little nurser ever. Maddie is truly an attentive (code for over protective) sweet little mom. And Christian has not left their side and is taking his role as dad extremely seriously. I'm super proud of all of them. And they come home tomorrow!

Since this is a band blog, I will mention my band. TIGHT. I've had this dull, behind the eyes headache for days, accompanied by light but nagging nausea. All of a sudden, I can not eat things I've previously had no problem eating. If this is stress restriction, it's a ridiculous amount. I don't think I have a full blown migraine, but has anyone ever had restriction issues with a real migraine? I was gagging on my ice cream treat tonight. Firstly, ice cream will go down just fine at any given time of the day. Secondly, at night my band is usually very tolerant of everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

I've also noticed an extreme oversensitivity to medicine and alcohol. We're all super aware of my Ambien escapades last week. And, the first night I was home to sleep this week, I had a glass and a half of wine... and was almost fall down drunk (no, NOT with Ambien). Is it just because of the weight loss? I need less of a dose of everything? Probably, but I love to worry and over analyze.

Oh, so you want to know who is crazy? I am! Yesterday, while at the hospital with my daughter, I interviewed for a new position. I had applied a couple of weeks ago for a job that appeared to be an exact fit for my skill set in the Revenue Integrity office for my parent corporation. They called for an interview while I was in my daughters hospital room, we discovered that we were only two floors away from each other, and ten minutes later I was in my interview. I was thinking I had completely bombed it because I was dressed basically like a hoochie momma, and I was so tired I couldn't put two sentences together. But halfway through my interview, my potential supervisor asked me to hold on for a moment, she instant messaged someone, and in walked the Medical Director to finish my interview. I couldn't read her, but I think he was sold. She must've been too or she wouldn't have alerted him? Anyway, I'll find out for sure next week. I won't be disappointed if I stay in my current job, but this one is fine tuned to exactly what I want to be doing with my time. I definitely have things to bring to the table for them and that was very clear. And, a new job is exactly what I need with all the other changes going on. Even though I say I dislike it, I think I feed off of stress. Sounds like someone needs to go meditate...

I'm so excited to catch up on blogs. I've really missed all of you the past couple of days. Hope everything is going well for you!


  1. It's sounds like your grandson is doing really well... It must be exciting to have them come home tomorrow. I feel the same way about our band of bloggers. It is wonderful to have the support and guidance that I receive from you all. Thanx for being there for me, *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

  2. So glad that everything is going well for Maddie and Aiden.
    Sounds very positive about the job, good luck x

  3. Holy Crap! If she called in her boss that is totally a good sign!!!

    I'm so glad momma and baby are good. Delivery can be a very stressful thing-I heard a line the other day. Birth is the ordinary miracle. You can't believe it happens every day, but it does.

  4. Good luck on the job front. I just changed jobs and am so happy to take on something new. It is a good thing. And also glad the kiddies are doing well.

  5. Only you my love - could be in the midst of baby birthing and then go interview and knock it out of the freaking park. How is your swelling with all this non-sleep and stress and such? Are you doing okay? Take care of you mmkkaayy?

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  7. So glad Maddie & Aiden are doing well! Way to go with the interview - I bet you totally rocked it :)