Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random and my band...

1) No one at my new job knows I've had weight loss surgery... I'm a "normal"... it's weird... maybe more on this later.

2) I feel the tightness from my tummy tucky far more than I feel restriction tightness from my band. My tummy sometimes feels like I've done 100 push ups. My band restriction is really in a sweet spot. I'm good enough at working it, that I really don't have to think about it much at all.

3) I keep finding myself in these weird in between sizes. Right now, 12's fall off of my droopy ass, and 10's are too tight.

4) My eating has been like everyone elses now that I'm in the new job and new world... I only eat a little bit, avoid drinking with my meal, and seriously... that is how all the thin women I've been having lunch with eat. Hmmm. Who knew? Eat less, be thin... why didn't someone write a book? In all seriousness, I love my band because I can eat like everyone else. I'm never going to give up eating as a social experience. It's too important to my quality of life.

Well, that is the end of this edition of "random and the band" because "ambien and the crazy girl" is about to start... Love you all. Start keeping an eye out for the BOOBS blogspot because there will be some exciting plans that will be discussed very soon. Our hearts are sad for our sisters who for various reason won't be able to join us this year, but where there's a will, there's a way... and there are lots of exciting things we can make happen. I'm thinking about going back to my surgeons office, and starting a little offspring of what we have here. It would be nice to have this support without so much effort. Don't ge me wrong, this trip is so amazing and chic and cool, and I couldn't think of more appropriate group of women to participate with in such and activity, but I'd just greedy and want to be able to do it more often.

More maybe later, after I get caught up on your lives... love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your update! Isn't it weird to be "normal" sometimes lol

  2. Yes Yes - that is how it's supposed to you did situps but you didn't! Mine is super tight - do you feel it especially when you sneeze and stuff?