Sunday, August 8, 2010

So here's the deal...

Hi bloggers! I've missed so much this past week, and I'm a little sad about that. I've cut out my night time blogging (due to the sleep medicine issue, those posts were ridiculous and embarrassing). I can't blog during the day at my new job. Well, I "could" do it, but I'm choosing not to. This past week was week #2 on the new job, and the learning curve is steeeeeep. I had a project due Thursday and an even huger project due on Friday. I'm supposed to be bringing something to the table, and right now I'm just not up to full speed. I know, I know. I'll get there. But I don't like this feeling. Friday I was in a meeting with people who are so out of my league. They weren't intimidating, but I realized how little I truly am, and how much I still need to understand to contribute. This is exactly where I wanted to be, but I worry that I'm not as smart or experienced as the people I will be working with and for. I'm trying to stay patient and pace myself and keep my eyes wide open.

To the important part- my band. It's been great. My weight is completely stable. I could do with less wine. Last night, I fully had an indiscretion. By that I mean that 1) it wasn't planned, and 2) I ate more than one portion size... and that was some Lay's potatoe chips. My band completely slowed the rate at which I could consume the chips, and I'm thrilled with that. I think I'm starting to pms crave. I've had these chips in the house lots of times in the recent past, and they were not problematic. So, now I will not be buying these particular treats to bring into the house. Everyone will have to find alternative chips that I'm not super interested in eating. I wouldn't be surprised if I did gain some weight after yesterday. Nothing horrible, but it would be a true fat gain, and not just monthly water weight fluctuation. Great thing is, I woke up this morning and thought "no big deal" and I'll just attempt to eat better today. Wow, like a normal person?!?

On a personal note, we've had a full house with two of my husband's children here, as well as my son and his fiance and toddler, all arriving on the same day. Five kids and two grand children. Have I mentioned a time or ten that I love being a Mimi? Everyone (meaning my husband's and my children) have been getting along acceptably well. I don't want to jinx myself by saying anything better than that. I've been spending my evenings with them which is another reason I've not been blogging at night. The timing of their visits along with my new job has left me with zero down time. In a good way.

I'm trying to catch up on reading your posts. I've been thinking about many blogs and wondering how you were doing. It's amazing how much bandsters have become a part of my life. I honestly don't think I'd be doing as well working my band if it weren't for you. I'm still trying to work out my fall schedule, I want so badly to be able to do it all. I can usually figure out a way. My only concern is not putting my needs in front of other people in my family... it's a skill I'm working on. I used to never do things for me because I thought it was selfish. Since deciding on getting my band, I've realized that that thought process can be full of shit. Sometimes I need to put myself first. I think I've gotten fairly good at that, so now I try to be careful about balancing everyone's needs. I think that's something all women struggle with, banded or not.

So that's basically my deal for the past week. We've got a party to get to, so I'm signing off. Oh, and I've got some reading to catch up on...


  1. I miss you! BUT I completely understand how busy you are....and so blessed. Do what you can when you can and know you are always in my heart and mind....loves you!

  2. Missed you! I'm glad the new job is going well. You are right: just be patient! You will be caught up in no time at all.

  3. Good to hear from you - glad you are going well :-)

  4. I'm having a hard time keeping up with everybody too. We can only do what we can do. Although you do have some nerve going to a party when you have blogs to read. LOL.

  5. Oh, I miss you so much - I think of you every singe day! Ok, and listen here: Remember that those people who you feel 'small' next to (b/c you're a skinny B now?! jk) were in the same place you were at one time. Once you are working at full speed just imagine how fantastic you are going to be. I know and, more importantly, YOU know that you can do this and it *IS* where you were meant to be. You are amazing and they are SO lucky to have you on their team.
    I've had my brief post band love affair with the Lays. I'm just glad chips are not a slider food for me b/c holy moses, they taste good once in a while. They have to go though - good plan on not buying them. Same plan is strictly in force at my house.
    Mimi - love that! Enjoy and soak it in...we will be here waiting for you whenever you have time. Try not to stress about blogging. We miss you but we know you are busy.
    I SO SO SO SO SO hope you can make it to Chicago! It will not be the same without you! I do understand the balancing act though - it's hard. So hard. But this is one of those opportunities that comes around once in a blue moon. A weekend for just the girls to have fun and bond over a common life changing experience. I can't wait!
    Okay - this is getting really long. Sorry - and you know I love ya!