Sunday, August 1, 2010

My new boss looks like Tony Stewart

Thanks so much for everyone taking such good care of our friends participating in the Chicago trip. Everyone is going to feel so welcome and will have alot of fun!

How do we want to work the bundle package? It may already be on the Boobs website as I type this. Either way I think $14 or $15 would be a fair amount for the t-shirt. I liked Joey's artwork better than the the sample the vendor sent back. I think the final product will look very good because of the type of t-shirt we've picked, and because of the experience and reputation this print shop has. Anyway, I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything. If I had more time I'd put this whole thing in a spread sheet or something organized with time lines, etc. However, I think we'll be able to get it all done fabulously the old fashioned way.

It actually turns out that I have three several good choices for trips from the middle of September thought the first weekend in October. In the middle of September, my husband and and I have been offered a free trip and it coincides with our anniversary. The second good choice I have to to go to Chicago! The third fine choice I have to to go to Maryland and see my grandmother (and Fall Festival! with my sisters). My grandma's b-day is actually this month (August) and she keeps telling my mom that she doesn't think she's ever going to see me again before she dies (she'll be 94). These are all good options in my opinion. So, I'm thinking I'm going to trade in my Chicago ticket for a trip to Maryland to see my memaw (my parents will pay for the whole trip). Then, I will also have a free trip for room, dinner and a show in Nevada with my husband for our anniversary. That leaves Chicago out of the free columns and also slightly into some guilty columns. I have not finished thinking about this... life comes at me so quickly... most of the time... just wanted to let you know where I was in this particular decision making process...

Either way, I'm here to help with the shirts, and anything else that I can help with. I'm not counting my self out here, but just honestly thinking out loud, So, let's go forward and continue in the cause and you can count on me for at least that much. At least these are all GOOD options. Sorry I've been so out of touch with my new job. I have had so much training,(four days with people from California), that I don't have my play time/computer time. That leaves trying to do computer time from home. Ha ha ha ha ha. This week, two of my husbands teenagers will be visiting us starting tomorrow, my son and his fiance and their child will be down on Tuesday or Wednesday to visit, my daughter and her new baby are still getting into their groove, and my five year old starts kindergarten this Tuesday. My husband just found out that his department is consolidating by January 1st, and I've just been given the greatest career growth opportunity I could ever have dreamed about. Pressure!!!!!!

My band is doing well... tight.... except I was able to drink an entire bottle of wine by myself from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. I don't think I should make a habit of it. Until after all the kids are gone anyway, then I can stop... :) The band is keeping an honest woman of me, I'm I'm constantly proud when I look at my grocery shopping cart and see if full of healthy and delicious foods! Lean meats. Ethnic foods. Beautiful veggetables. Sweet juicy fruit. Goood carbydrates and oils.

This is how I feel about shopping for clothes now, too. So may choices, and I can pick and choose what ever I want, and it's fun and beautiful and makes me feel so good. The first lends itself to the later. I guess if you love yourself, you make beautiful choices, and in turn you look beautiful, I think this could go on into lots of other aspects of my life... but, it's time for me to go to bed. Love you all. There won't be much from me this week, but I'll try to read my little heart out. bisous!


  1. It would be a bummer if you can't go to Chicago, but I live right outside of Maryland and would love to meet you if you do that trip.

  2. I am going to cry if you can't come!!!