Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dream job called

Got home Sunday afternoon- flying is so much easier on me now that I've lost weight. Good thing, because my dream job called- and I'm that much closer to flying all the time.

On my way into work on Monday, I called the HR/recruiter person AGAIN. Holy hell, they answered the phone! The guy called me back (well, actually they ditched me again- but I called him- HA HA)- and honestly it was a little bit awkward. He thought I was DOA because of my education level. But, an hour later, HE CALLED ME. One of the VP's was "really interested".

This afternoon I got a call from someone NOT in HR/recruiting, telling me how sorry she was that she was getting back to me so late but that she herself had just seen my resume, and they were "really interested" and she didn't want me to think that they weren't. She said those exact words. She was in an airport catching a flight, and she's going to call me tomorrow for a phone interview and basically to set up a time to meet. I think she WILL actually call me.

I'm excited to talk with someone who will be excited (and UNDERSTAND) what I do! Usually people's eyes just gloss over with overwhelming boredom- but I love what I do and this little niche, and I think this conversation will NOT be awkward, and I'm looking forward to it. I just want to get to it!

So, I may be flying back out to my parents. Things are still good.


  1. So excited for you! You got this, and you will rock the phone interview! Remember, all good things are worth fighting, and waiting, for. Good luck to you, though I doubt you need luck!

  2. Great news! Can't wait to hear how the intvw goes :)

  3. That's fantastic-- good luck!

  4. yay you! I hope you get it :)

  5. Best of luck to you...I'll send all my good karma your way!!!

  6. Keeping everything I have crossed just for you...