Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BOOBS Answers

Hi all the boobie girls! Someone much more organized than I am thought it would be fun to know more about you, and she enlisted me to think of some crazy questions…so…this is sort of a Gillyified version of Drazil’s BYOC. Knock yourselves out.

1) You’re trapped on a desert island and you can bring only 3 of your favourite foods along. What do you bring?

Calzone stuffed with meat, cheese and sauce. Ribeye steak grilled to medium rare perfection. Bucket of movie theatre popcorn loaded with butter. Luckily, these aren't a special occasion (like what would you eat if you knew you only had three days to live?)foods. I eat and live this way with my band all the regular time. Just teeny tiny portions. I want everyday to be it's fullest, and I love food and am going to enjoy it appropriately.

2) If you could meet any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

The band "Queensryche"... oh, wait... I did that. How about Denzel Washington (everyone know chocolate is better than vanilla)... oh, wait... I did kind of meet him, too (our butts touched- I practically had sex with him). I know! I'd like to meet OPRAH!... oh, wait... I also did that. Guess you'll have to wait until my guilty pleasure answers for other people I'd like to meet.

3) What is your stripper name? (take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on)

Jasmine Brook (I've heard worse).

4) How old were you when you lost your virginity? Alternative question if you don’t want to answer this: What is your LEAST favourite part of your bod since losing weight? Your MOST favourite since losing weight?

Sixteen, and I thought I was FAT. Really. Size six, perky boobs, no cellulite, tanned, long thin everything. Youth is wasted on the young. That's one reason I'm not going to waste being thin... I know how potentially fragile that can be and I'n going to go for every ounce of enjoyment from my weight loss that I can squeeze out of my chubby thighs. I've never had jiggly fat legs before, and my boobs sure could use a fill and lift, but expensive bras are working for now.

5) Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a house that is supposedly haunted?

Yes,yes I do. I have lots a storires, but they're fun to talk about at parties, so let's get a little group together! There's also the haunted tour we could take, but those never seem to be as good as the real ones my friends and I share. Especially if we've been drinking. It could be a howling good time!!!

6) What is your natural hair colour? If you dye it something completely different from what your momma gave ya, how come? As a child I was naturally blond, which turned into the most boring mousey brown ever invented, and since college I have been giving it chemical encouragement to stay blond or light brown. Momma gave me one color, God gave me thoushands of colors.

7) Boxers or briefs? Alternatively…bikinis or granny panties?
Boxers. Thongs and a push up bra. And hopefully none of then for very long... :)

8) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (Trilogies do not count as one movie, cheaterpantses!)
Napolean Dynimate, Hot Tub Time Machine, Scott Pilgrim VS the Woarld... are you picking up on an quiircky altrenative genre. Impossible to pick one, our choices change all the time. sorry.

9) What is your guilty pleasure (feel free to go straight to the gutter with this one if the spirit moves you!)

Jersey Shore, Real Housewivesw of DC, RHW of Orange county, RHW of NY, RHW oc Jersey, and I'm really hoping on piloting the newest set of women on th Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I dare you to tell me that you not be Super Blazing Hot, and I'm not just talking about the 1,000 acres of wild fire out my back door. These women are shallow and naive... but I would honestly PAY money to see this professional put into production. Anyway.
10) Hw many pounds gone forever are you celebrating?? :)
130 lbs. I got into my size ten clothes last night. My twelvesw are getting too big. Woo hoo I love my band. I think the loss has been no wine for two weekends, but I need to find a way around that.

Thank god no more questions... I'm getting tired. I wake up for work tomorrow, for the very last time before I wake up to go to Chicago. Whoa. Cool. Until thin, good night, don't let the bed bugs bite (and you know who you are if you have them). Love you all... CAN'T WAIT TO HUG EVERY SINGLE BOOB! Sleep well my pretties!


  1. I can't wait to hear your ghost stories!!!

  2. Can't wait to meet you! Jasmine Brook is actually a good stripper name.

  3. Oh God - so jealous of the people you met. And love your stripper name. Hug you soon!