Thursday, September 2, 2010

I've got a... Situation...

Yes, that is a reference to "Jersey Shore". I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is fascinated by this show. Maybe it's the youthfullness and the freedom that are captivating. For me, I think it's really the nails and tans that get me. And the acronyms... TGL, DTF, etc... certainly enriching my vocabulary. It's my shameless guilty pleasure. Maybe it's my "sorry, but I'm not sorry"? Anyway, I really do have a... situation...

It's a restriction situation. WTF??? Last night, I was able to eat an entire plate of dinner. Perfectly reasonable portions, except way more than I'm usually able to comfortably eat at one time. And today? I ate an entire super nachos. It took me five hours, but I did it. It's all I've had today, and all I will have today... however the amount is shocking even if the calorie count for the day is totally fine. My band has been so tight, and I know that a fill is most likely not necessary, however this development has been a little shocking.

Oh, and I've been meaning to give a little tummy tuck update. No promises on pictures (or anything for that matter), but it's fabulous not having to dress around a deformity. I won't lie about that. I wore my size 13 junior pants to work this week. When I look at these pants... they look so little... I knew in my head that technically they should fit, but my brain just couldn't wrap itself around the reality. Also, my FSA (Flexible Spending Account) is requesting documentation of medical necessity for the surgery, and there are no legal restrictions for using an FSA for this repair post weight loss. If you'd like more information on how I did this, just leave me a comment.

I'm still waiting for 169. My big "plan" for weight loss was basically to not drink wine on the weekends, however this is a long holiday weekend, so I've decided to stop the following weekend. And of course in Chicago I'll have a glass or two. This weekend though...

I need to relax... take a break from work stress. I'm making good progress on my project. This whole thing is blowing my mind and I'm not sure why. I plan everything, and I almost always get what I've planned. This however was such a far out plan, it was basically an aspiration goal. And now that it's actually, really, truly happening... well, I can't really wrap my head around that either. Mr. W is very pleased to see me not 100% confident... not in a bad or unsupportive way... just in a "wow, you're really human" sort of way.

So there you have it. I have no restriction and I plan to drown my stress in booze. That pretty much sums up my situation. Actually, that almost sounds exactly like what happens in "Jersey Shore". Wow, I'm cooler than I thought...


  1. Ah it's so good to hear from you...I miss you and love you to pieces! Destress and so deserve it!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE "Jersey Shore". I tried to blame my initial obsession on the fact that we used to live near Seaside Heights, and I LOVED it as a child. But now, eh, it's my shameless obsession. As is Real World and lots of the other trashy MTV teeny-bopper shows.

    Sorry to hear about your here/not here restriction. I'd give it a week or so, just to make sure it's not going to tighten back up, before getting a fill.

    And thanks for the update on the TT. Is it still sore at all? Any residual reminders of the surgery?

  3. I'm already a Housewives fan. I'm afraid another guilty pleasure like Jersey Shore might send me over the edge. So you were able to use your FSA for your tummy tuck? I've got a long way to go before I'm on this step, but definitely curious.

  4. This, my friend, is why I don't have cable. I'd never stop watching. It's like a train wreck.

    I do hope your restriction comes back from it's vacation in time for your 3-day weekend!

    You will have to give me the details on this FSA business. An arm lift may be in my future.

    Guess what? Less than 3 weeks until we meet! We can run across the airport in slow motion, movie style. Fist pump!

  5. I heart you! Jersey shore is hysterical-did you see the slapping last night? Have some drinks for me!