Friday, September 17, 2010

Sixty Nine

ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE... POUNDS. I am in the 160's. This is good news especially because I think it's the first arbitrary goal I've ever met during this entire band process. It's ironic because I've actually (and thankfully) given up the diet mentality of needing to lose weight for anything specific other than for myself. For me, this isn't about pounds down or smaller sizes or even health. Honestly, it's about finding a way to effectively deal with an area of my life that was so out of balance. Everything beyond that is a fringe benefit (and I really do like fringe benefits). I feel good because I am no longer fighting a war with my relationship with food or with my body.

Whippet. My husband wanted a dog for his 40th birthday. After serious research and an impossible list of conditions (or so I thought!), my husband has found the perfect match, and we brought her home last night. Now, he has TWO skinny bitches! Yes, he really said that... and yes, that is precisely why I love my Mr. WONDERFUL! Updated pictures to follow at some undetermined point in the future, but she really is beautiful... I don't think I can compete.

My green hair is now more of a gray... so that's better at least. That's what I'll keep telling myself anyway. I'm not drinking for the second weekend, I guess to somehow make it better that I plan on drinking for three days in a row in Chicago. I could REALLY use a drink after this week. My project has taken another unexpected turn... and it always seems to happen on Friday afternoons. And, I'm planning the ultimate (not really, but not for lack of effort) Star Wars party for my soon to be six year old... and we're doing it the weekend after I get back. No wonder I really like drinking?!?

Ok, well I am so done with this week, and this day... going to bed... six days until Chicago... :)



  2. You ar awesome! Can't believe Chicago is almost here and I finally get to meet you. So excited!