Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damn you all!

Why must you be so interesting? Sometimes when I only have a few minutes, I go to check blogs really quickly- and get sucked in by so many damn interesting posts- for more than a few minutes. Tonight I didn't even try to comment, so I have no idea if that's fixed or not. Did I miss a post where this was explained by some brilliant blogger or other?

So, Utah pretty much sucks. I need to get a new license before my new job and traveling. My current picture is of me at my highest weight- 130 lbs ago. When I fly, TSA look at my license, then at me, then back at my license, then back at me... also happens at less critical places all the time. Plus, my vain side doesn't want to show up to my new job and have anyone there see me looking like that. No way...

Back to why Utah sucks. In order to get a replacement picture/license- I have to have my social security card, certified copies of: my birth certificate, marriage certificates x 3, divorce decrees x 2, and of course two pieces of official mail at my current address. CERTIFIED COPIES of 6 (SIX) documents to proove who I am. That takes time AND money, my friends. I believe I now have everything necessary- and will soon have the priveledge of visiting one of our lovely and ever efficient DMV offices...

Joy! In band news, nothing new. Maintaining. No exercise. Have increased veggies a bit. Trying to decrease alcohol a bit. I think this is the way it should be. No craziness with food.

Ok, so I'm going to go do the official work I got on my laptop to do, before all you damn bloggers took up so much of my time. ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's like getting paid to eat chocolate...

My new job starts on August 22nd. I should get the offer in writing next week. The negotiation thingy worked- crazy. I'd have done it for a whole lot less. I want the JOB, the money is secondary. Although it's very nice to feel tangibly valued. Honestly, for me this will be like getting paid to eat chocolate.

I'm thinking I want to actually start watching what I eat- as in no junk, and eat for nutrients and quality AND also start running, specifically for the health benefits. There's about six weeks until I start my job, and my goal is to feel healthy and strong. I want to do this because I'm starting to think I'm worth the investment. Yes, stinky thinking dies hard. My band is being wonderful and it's beyond nice to not be controlled by food.

Our house has been a zoo this week. My step son's 16th birthday was on the fourth, so we had a houseful of people, food, and fireworks (which were outside!). My sister and b-i-l and their new (18mos!) baby are visiting from California. My son is here to see an orthopedist, and everyone will be here tonight... the rest of the weekend is just as (actually more!) insane.

Blogger is naughty. My blog freezes- and I can't leave comments. Pffffffffffffft on you blogger. :(

Friday, July 1, 2011

Negotiations... ?!?

The job offer salary is almost double what I'm making. The woman extending the offer asked if I was ok with the numbers... so, I countered- because it seemed like that was what she was asking me to do. If they meet my counter at all, I will be shocked- the original offer was more than I even dreamed of, however I didn't want them to think I was a push over. Anyway, I guess these are the games we play...

THANK YOU BAND FOR HELPING ME REACH MY GOALS. I knew my band would pay for itself. Women can't afford to not take care of themselves- this surgery for me will be a huge return on investment. In retrospect, I couldn't afford to NOT do this. Living life feels better than eating and all that other shit. I'm so happy to be at this point in my life. Happy!