Saturday, November 13, 2010


That's tonight.

But I want to tell you about last night, and my dinner with Amey from Idaho. Honestly, I think Chicago will last forever. It was so fun to spend time with a BOOB... and she is so beautiful and minus a noticable amount of weight since September! She and her husband are a darling couple and seem so happy and good to each other. Amey has a cute as a button 13 yr old son who, sweet thing, had just had two teeth pulled (on top of wearing a cast from a broken wrist from a month ago) and what a trooper he was at dinner. We talked about everything, but the best part is the stuff we don't have to say, the "understood" band stuff, but we still talked about that, too! Amey is ready to start getting ready for the next BOOBS trip... NOW. I'm in agreement, there is just nothing like it.

And Thursday... I was able to meet up with my new band friend... who works in my building. I can not even believe there is a BOOB candidate that close! She has had no support, and I was a little hesitant about telling someone at work about my personal blog, but I got over myself and encouraged her to check out our BOOB community. I explained to her that the support here is like none other. She has NOT seen even one band success, and her experience here with the support groups being a little negative, is the same as mine. That's exactly why I started looking for online support. And now, we all physically have each others support... for which I am so grateful. It's a huge part of whatever success I've had with my band. Every bandster deserves that.

I will post pictures of my dinner with Amey. But, that brings me to BOOZE. We are getting together tonight with the group of guys (and their wives, I don't know how such nerds ended up with such fine women!). If it's anything like our party a couple of weeks ago, well... there will be lots of wine, etc. I've got a bottle (and a half) of Moscato chilling. Also, I will take pictures of my slutty outfit I plan on wearing tonight. I will also post pictures of it! I'm trying to enjoy ALL aspects of this weight loss. The shopping, the socializing... and now I want to get normal about pictures. Maybe even MORE than normal, hmmmm?

Cheers, and I'll post pictures tomorrow (afternoon). ;)


  1. That's Awesome news... Lara, Amey was one of my Chicago roommates and we had an incredible time. I am so glad you got to meet her family. On my road trip Amy W., Kim, and Kristen got to meet my George and it was fantastic for him to get to meet some other bandsters. We had a great time. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  2. I'm so jealous! Glad you had fun with Ms. Amey! Cannot wait to see your pics!

    I'm here in the Bahamas and met a Gastric Bypass lady...she's lost 90 lbs since January (bitch!) but shes telling me all these horror stories she's gone through and regretting her decision NOT to get the band. Interesting. I don't realy like her either so I keep telling her about all my BOOB friends. hmmmm....maybe I'm a bitch too?

  3. I love BOOBS reunions! So furn you got to meet Amey. When you get back to MD next time we will definitely party! Have a great time tonight!

  4. Did anyone ever tell you that you're a TEASE???

    When I hang with Carmen tomorrow, I'm going to post pictures immediately. Because I am awesome! :P

  5. yes where are your pictures!! Boobs will live on forever xo

  6. Where are the photos??? I hope you all had a great time!

  7. Oh, honey you are very far off from normal - more like WAY ABOVE AVERAGE! Can't wait to see the pics.