Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Happy Events Will Take Place Shortly In Your Home"

"Happy Events Will Take Place Shortly In Your Home"... said my fortune cookie. And since I'm so mature, I skipped adding "in bed". Please tell me we're not the only people who do that? Anyway, I'm a believer in fortune cookie karma, so I'm taking it as a sign. I went shopping today and bought everything needed for our traditional Thanksgiving. I'm passing on going to any extended family events, however my son and his fiance and son will be with us through next Monday, and we're planning on a very relaxed time. I can handle that, it might even be fun.

Lots of good things are happening. Thank you for not making me feel like a holiday hater, and for your sincere and thoughtful comments. I was really relieved to see that women I have the utmost respect for also had similar feelings. Not that I want anyone to be sad, but there is comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

Our son starts his new school on Monday- and since it's an off time of the year... I was able to get uniforms dirt cheap. His shirts cost me $1.98 a piece. A good buy like that does wonders to bring me cheer (sad but true!).

I didn't freak out at work this week about a big project that's getting crazy. Does anyone else have "Friday Fires" at their job? I always seem to get something imperative on Friday afternoons, so much so that I've given the phenomenon a name. There was a big hurdle we discovered yesterday afternoon, and I honestly thought to myself that all I can do is my part, and I didn't let it make me sick. I hope I can keep remembering to do that! But, it's only a three day work week coming up, so I'll just keep my eyes on the prize...

And... total fun... I get to go for appetizers and wine on Monday night with my new lapband friend from work. She reads lots about relationships with food, and I'm excited for her to share what she's learned. I hope she's not self concious about food around me, because I've had other friends be that way, and I'm the last person who will criticize what someone eats. We were hooked up my the bariatric nurse at our insurance company, and I was billed as a "success"... however you want to define that. Sometimes I feel like one (because I want to enjoy my chubbiness), but mostly I just feel like the same girl I've always been on the inside. I have nothing profound to share with anyone about weight loss, but I have been there and I can be an open ear and heart while she figures out her own journey. I'm happy to be there if that will be helpful for her.

The "what I eat" posts have been great! That's the kind of reading I like! Here's "what I ate" today:

iced coffee (300 calories)
french bread and olive oil (ripped off the bread, didn't measure the oo)
half a grilled New York strip
peanut butter (yes on a spoon, this is a new thing for me, don't know why)
diet pepsi (lots)
devoid of fruits and veggies (but I swear I'm a healthier eater during the week)

Tomorrow we're going to a fundraiser for our friends son who was diagnosed about a month ago with terminal cancer. So so sad. I agree with "time heals all wounds", but until you've been through it, it doesn't seem possible. The wounds feel fresh for a very long time. We'll do our best to be supportive, even if just by money.

But, I am in a much better place than I was. Hopefully I'll stay here for awhile. Thanks for your insight and wisdom, life is better with friends who understand... about everything.


  1. Um totally add "in bed" after every fortune cookie's fun! And yay for doing what you can and trying to have much to be thankful for my dear friend.

  2. Thanks for posting that you eat things that aren't 'diet' food. i was beginning to think I was the only one who ate more than black bean soup.

  3. In bed has been added to fortune cookies around here for ages. You are not the only one!

  4. "in bed" is a fortune cookie requirement! I love that you eat steak. I find a good steak to be much more band-friendly that a dried up chicken breast.

  5. "In Bed" I love it :) Your Holiday sounds like it will be fun and relaxing.your a bargain shopper like me :)

  6. I still do the "In Bed" thing with my fortune cookies. Then again, I always giggle when people use the word "duty". I will never grow up.