Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowed in!!!

Everyone thinks Utah is all snowy, and it is in the mountains. However, I live in the valley where we do get snow... but not like this! We're getting pounded with the storm that's already hit Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We went home early, schools and businesses are already closed for tomorrow. It's nuts.

My son and his fiance could not be talked out of their attempt to drive down from Idaho tonight. They figured it would be better to be snowed in here (lots of good free food). I'm terribly nervous for them, but they're only about half an hour from our home now, so fingers crossed.

Fire has been started... we had a snow storm over the weekend that knocked out power all over (not us luckily), but this storm is bringing zero degree temperatures... a bad time to have no heat. So, we'll just keep the fire burning, which is so cozy, and while everything is safe makes the situation kind of magical. (That, and the lit Christmas tree... so much for being all bummed about the holidays...).

If we lose power for long, we'll put all of our perishable food outside in the freezing cold. I hope we can cook on Thanksgiving, and I think we will be fine by then. It's amazing how much in life revolves around food. Even though we loaded up for Thursday, we went and did it AGAIN for the storm. There's just something about the whole scene that doesn't seem right without a bunch of comfort food. And, for once... it does feel right.

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get another chance before Thursday!


  1. How lovely, lots of snow for the holidays...definitely something about cozying up in front of the fire place with family...hope your son arrives soon.....and if you can't cook your food conventially you can always cook it over the hot coals of the fire place. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  2. oh boy.. here's hoping for a safe arrival!!!.. I don't known how to tell you this. .but our local weather people said that the weather pattern we got last year is headed to your area of the country.. so stock up on lots of wood and vodka!!! wishing you and your family all the best

  3. I love snow only when I and anyone I love is not driving in it. I am sure they made it safely home to mama! Have a wonderful thanksgiving with the Famiglia! Love ya!

  4. Wow, I am so happy that you are finding good in all the holiday madness! I hope your son made it in safe! I remember one Christmas, my daughter was only one year's old, and we lost power, for DAYS. We all bundled up in our snow suits, hung blankets in the door ways and had the space heater going. As crazy as it was, it is one of my fondest memories!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving cupcake.
    Stay safe and have fun.

  6. I am lucky -- storm wasn't too bad in my part of the state. Whew. I was just telling my husband yesterday how crazy it is in this century that we still have to dig out the oil lamps when the storms roll in.

    I hope your son made it safely!