Friday, December 10, 2010


Work is crazy busy. I asked for this. I really did. I WANTED this.

I have no restriction. NONE. I am hungry! I do believe I need a fill. I am actually having to watch what I'm eating, because I can finish entire meals. "FOCUS ON PROTEIN!!!"...that's what I need to remember. My band is filled to about 4 cc's... and the entire reason I got my band... is to keep weight off. This is now THE purpose of my blog... keeping track of THIS part of my journey. This is the IMPORTANT part. Losing is good, but maintaining is the goal.

Do you ever wonder how people find your blog (hello... I think one of my brother's friends is following my blog)? The internet is a strange (and wonderful) place. One of the reasons I have not been blogging, is that I've been searching. The internet. And I found my biological dad. I've never looked before, never had the inkling. This isn't even something we talked about in my family. Ever. But, I put a name in google... and voila... pictures, profession, personal and social history. It turns out my bio dad's cousin was our next door neighbor when I was growing up... I called my mom to tell her the freaky news- and she was really open about it. My entire life, I've been sparing her feelings- but she told me last night that she wondered why I hadn't done this before. Um, I don't know. I have no burning desire other than curiosity (and it feels weird to cyberstalk someone). I'm writing this like the whole thing is no big deal, but I'm forty years old... and this is the first time I've discussed this in the open. I don't know what to do with this information, it was just a whim that I even looked.

Christmas parties started yesterday (I was in charge of the work party, and that's the only one I'm responsible for). The rest should just be fun... one down, five to go! No pictures taken or posted... I fail at my holiday challenge. I'll set a little mini goal to take one tomorrow night and post it! I have to admit to a little bit of clothes shopping this holiday season. That makes me merry, and will hopefully keep me motivated until I get some restriction back, or a fill. Shopping is a good diversion to eating.

That's all I've got... I have caught up on reading blogs, but was an unfortunate commenter... but I've been crazybusynorestricitionfoundbiodadandchristmasparties...


  1. Wow - your heart and head must have been telling you to look for him for some reason. Interesting. And good for you. I miss you when you're not here.

  2. Sometimes curiosity just happens. I'm sure you will know what to do with the info and I am glad your mum was really open about it.

    From my own personal experience, sometimes it is just better to not know - but you will choose what's right for you.

  3. I just went through finding my bio family a few months ago. I was adopted at 6 months and never really looked into finding the bio people until now (I am 44) because my mom gave me my adoption paperwork. It has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. I did find out I have 3 siblings I didn't know existed.

    Hope it works out the way you want it to and if you have any questions or anything let me know.