Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah

My littlest just found out that Jewish children get presents for eight nights. I've never seen a kid so bummed about Christmas! There is less cultural diversity here in Utah than in Maryland (where I was raised), so it's heartening for me to know that he's aware of other religions and ways of life. Even if my child now completely resents his own...

Trying to move away from the bah-humbug now. Scale was 170 today, still median normal for me. I prefer to see 160's, but for certainty, clothes fit the exact same from 167-173 (ack, which is the high number that is my alert number, my I need to watch what I'm doing number). I can zip up my old size ten clothing, but once again- just because I can, doesn't mean I should. I'm happy in a twelve. My weight fluctuates 5-6 pounds during the month. I don't consider any of it a gain or a loss, unless I'm out of my "range".

Amy had a great post on maintaining after "goal". I'm not really at goal, but I am done trying. She's right, I did try harder (counting protein grams, drinking water) when I wanted the weight to come off quickly. Not bypass quick, but I needed and wanted the mental validation that a scale number could give me. It was difficult for me, because my weight would come off in what I called "whooshes". Nothing would show on the scale, then all of a sudden- five or seven pounds would fall off. I just came to expect it. I didn't really think of them as plateaus, I just know how my body works. But maintaining is something I'm still learning about. I didn't know for sure how Thanksgiving would end up, because I wasn't going to "diet" or "try" through the holiday. But, I did fine. I wasn't terribly worried, but this phase is a new learning curve for me. I like it much better, though.

I am also going to take Linda's Holiday Challenge. I'm going to take pictures of various holiday activities and post them. We love to make and decorate gingerbread houses every year. There are four Christmas parties so far, and I do love a good party. Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit at work- read: no one wants to do anything real, and everything is being put off until the new year. So, there's lots to be excited about... even if you're not Jewish!


  1. Great post! I feel similarly about weight right now... I'd like mine to be lower, but I'm not trying to lose, so I suppose I can't really expect to! Love the band for keeping me in a nice, reasonable range. Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes!

  2. Love you any weight by the way.

  3. Great attitude about your weight range. You look great darlin''ll sail through the holidays without any damage i have no doubt!

  4. Wanted to respond to your comment that my doc did give me ambien. Ironically, I used it one night and since then I have not had any problems sleeping, so I haven't used again. Guess my sleep issues were psychological? Don't know. Anyway, I am a little bummed that the scale really hasn't moved in a month and am 2 lbs up from lowest I've seen. I mean, COME ON! I've got a lot more weight to lose. I shouldn't have a plateau already, should I? Looking forward to seeing pics of your festivities.