Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stocking of HORROR

IAP progress:

1) I got guilted into putting my stocking at work back up. !@#$%^&*. Let's hope this fill tomorrow wipes out hunger completely, or this is going to be more of a battle than I'd care to deal with.

2) I "know" I need a fill, but I'm sceeered! I haven't had a fill since the beginning of April. I didn't even get "restriction" until January or February- 10+ months after surgery. Tomorrow afternoon...

3) I'm going to start journaling on my blog what I eat (again). I used to do a quick summary at the end of every post. It kept me accountable, and I know I like reading on other blogs what you are eating, because then I get band friendly food ideas for variety. There was an article in our local paper yesterday about how a food diary is really the best way to lose weight. "Diet" food wasn't advocated, just being aware of what you're eating... and slow weight loss. Oh, and a super great tool- like my band! A recipe for success...

4) It looks like I will be losing my blogging time, and any sort of life, until the end of the year. It's a work issue- and it involves budgets, government projects, and executive summaries, and never leaving work. This is good for me. This is good for me. This is good for me.

So, half of my Indulgence Avoidance Plan will work. Two things that work are better than nothing.

Here's what I ate today (and how I "know" I need a fill):

oatmeal, greek yogurt & honey,runts (candy... !@#$%^&*), prime rib, half a baked potatoe, roll & butter, green beans (in sauce!), two chocolates (from the box I was going to give my sister... I'm thinking it will be hilarious to put "IOU"s in the empty spots and still give it to her... ha ha ha), three fritos, and for my farewell dinner before my fill... brown rice (I just try to ignore that it's healthy-ishy and just enjoy the nutty flavor) w/ half a stick of butter (going out with style...) w/ loads of salty soy sauce... that's actually a comfort food for me that I grew up with. Weird, but that's me. Do you think I might need a fill?


  1. mmmmmm.... maybe just a touch ;-)

    But remember - you are only trying to maintain, not lose, so don't be too hard on yourself!!

    PS Love the IOU's!

  2. I think writing down what you are eating will help. I know it does for me and I've started it again today! I love oatmeal and would love to eat it every morning but the carbs kill me! I have to really limit my carbs to lose the weight.

    Good luck and let us know how your fill goes!

  3. I know I said this yesterday, but it actually really helps to hear what maintenance looks like. Keep sharing!

    I think we need some new pics of the TT. I'm still looking at the ones from right after the surgery. Will you post some new ones?

  4. NO no no - you can't leave...I'll miss you. Okay fine - do what you have to do - just promise to come back. I love you!