Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crisis Averted

It's an official "no gain". Scale was right at median normal for me today. Yes, I'm happy, shocked, and in love (still with my band).

Also got a text from my son today. I was hoping it was the "break up" text, but unfortunatley not this time. I'm awful, I know! It was the "here's what I want for Christmas" text... I shit you not. If I wasn't so poor, I'd be worried he's just using me for my money. Since that's not really a possibility, I'll take any positve correspondence. It's the same either way for me financially, and this way we're "talking". Fine by me.

Thank goodness it's almost Thursday... I keep reminding myself today that I am not defined by my job. This project of mine is a roller coaster and I do not like rides. I'm a little no one with big eyes watching me... and it's a bit frustrating to be in this position. I went for this, I ASKED for this. I got what I wanted!?!

Three (3!!!) crisies averted. Not too shabby for one day.

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