Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hired, left hand, Maryland, cancer, and twins

Thanks for the welcome back. It's funny because I randomly think about blogging friends, mostly during day to day activities. I should start a log and post THAT. I am so glad I quite that job. So many little things and many you can only find out during unusual circumstances (aka "my life story").

Quick post tonight. I was officially hired at my old job. I've got a couple of weeks off, HR can't get everything together until that very first week in October. I have a two week vacation!

Since I do have time, I'm flying out to my parents house in Maryland on Thursday and taking my 6 year old as a birthday present. The town's fallfest is this weekend- parades, rides, food, you name it. Looks like it's supposed to rain. Booo. We'll still find plenty to do. I would really like to take him to the Smithsonian.

Since I also have time, I'm going to go get this thing that just recently popped up on my face looked at. I think it is a basal cell carcinoma. 3/10 people get it, and it has a 99% cure rate. There's probably a few people reading this that no more than I do about the subject.

Oh, I forgot to mention LEFT HAND. Did anyone else see the article on CNN today? If you eat with your nondominate hand, you will eat 30% less food. If it's something you're really not that crazy about eating (stale popcorn was the example given)- you could eat up to 60% less.

Things are right for us. We been having lots of "perfect moments". Kinda nice, wish it would stay like this, it's the way life should be. I'll enjoy it while I have it...


  1. Is it wrong that I love stale pop corn? Interesting to hear about the eating with the nondominant hand. Glad to hear you getting the 2 weeks off! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like I need to put the fork in the nondominant hand immediately. Glad you were able to get your old job back.

  3. I am going to try eating with my left hand, if not just because it will slow me down! Thanks for the tip! (and get that BCC checked ASAP!).