Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Cry For Me

I am going to be MIA for a couple of weeks here. I'm the only pediatric nurse in my department due to someone's fabulous vacation get-away to Hawaii. Hope she trips on corral. Kidding.

Anyway, so I plan on reading blogs, but not contributing much to the blogging universe. I know, it's devestating. Don't cry.

Yesterday, I didn't get a belly fluid tap... avoiding any risk of infection. Still swelling, still in the same damn size.

This weekend is my daughters baby shower!!! I am actually REALLY excited about this. I love when I get to see so many people I love and hardly ever get to see... all in MY house. Very convenient. Well, except for the weeks of planning, the cleaning, making sure everything is perfect. But I secretly love all of that despite my stressed out facade.

I will be thinking of you all. And keeping up with your posts. Hugs and kisses, and I'll be back before you know it.


  1. Love you - have fun at the shower you sexy GILF!

  2. I will miss you but duty calls. Hope it goes by quickly and painlessly for you :)

  3. No no no - you cannot go. How will I survive?

  4. Its funny that you posted because I was thinking about you today! Enjoy the shower!!

  5. I wish the reason you are going to be MIA was your fabulous vacation to Hawaii but at least enjoy the shower and some time with family/friends... I hope my blog will be interesting enough to keep you awake after a long shift... LOL. I look forward to readin your blog when you return to Blogosphere. *Maria*