Friday, May 28, 2010

If I can do it...

...anyone can do it. As summer is approaching, I can't help but do this mental comparison of where I was two summers ago, last summer, and this summer. The difference is mind blowing, and I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE AND NOW. Two summers ago, I was around 290lbs and miserable. I was NOT a happy fat person. Last summer, I was a couple of months post op, and dreaming about what THIS summer would be like. And NOW I'M HERE!!! Words to describe what this feels like: relief, free, pretty, fun, light, energetic, fashionable, friendly, happy, euphoric, daring, flirty, shocked, thrilled, amazed, lucky, hopeful. And it's wonderful because I've done this while being completely imperfect. That should give all new bandsters hope... what will your summer feel like next year?

I've missed reading and participating in blogs this week. Secretly, it was a little bit of a reprieve. Am I the only one who feels like blogging is a second or third job sometimes? Not that I don't completely love it, because I do. But, sometimes it's work. And now I know I can do without it and be just fine, so when my family tells me I'm "addicted" to blogging, I can completely blow them off because I know I can quit whenever I want! ;)

Happenings this past week-

Baby shower was great! I ended up with only pre-party pictures, because I was so busy during the actual party. But, I think my co-grandma got some good people pictures. I'll post when I can.

Work has been nutso non-stop. I don't mind throwing myself completely in occasionally, but I know better than to make a habit of this. It's good to be kick ass at what you do, but I've seen too many people sacrifice their life for a company, only to find out they are completely replacable.

Swelling is down. Not gone, but better. Pain is almost completely gone. I'd say I'm about 80% back to normal. That makes me super happy. I ate whatever I wanted last weekend- bad things even for ME, and my weight has held steady. I'm currently at 174lbs, and while my size has not gone down yet since my TT, clothes are looking GOOD! I was reading a Glamour magazine at a doctor's appointment, and realized I have NO idea what my body "shape" is now. I used to be a pear, no question about it. But my thighs aren't big, and without my tummy... I don't know what I am! Fabulous dilemma to be in.

Hope everyone has a fantastic and safe holiday weekend! I'm going to spend a little time catching up on blogs. But, mostly I plan on having fun and enjoying not weighing 300lbs. I still love my band...


  1. Good to hear from you! Glad the pain is feeling better, I'm that's huge.
    I a summer in the 170's will rock. I hope I can get there by the end of the summer. :)

  2. Great post! Can't wait for my next summer :-)

  3. I am so happy for you and loved hearing all those wonderful feelings you are experiencing.

    Enjoy your long weekend lady!

  4. That is such a nice remembrance. I wonder what next summer will be like too. So happy for you and glad the shower went well. Even if you cut back on blogging-that's ok. But you have to post when the baby comes!

  5. I have been dreaming about next summer already! Very nice post!

  6. I'm with Miss Vickie - dreaming about next summer too. Hopefully you never have to prove to your family that you're not addicted by quitting blogging - we would miss you!