Saturday, May 8, 2010


That would be the best word to describe my thoughts about Robert Downey Jr. Went to see Iron Man last night, solely for a two hour dose of his bad boyness. Wasn't expecting the bad boyness that is Mickey Rourke. Maybe it was the accent? Maybe I'm just really a freak? And when did old men become so HOT? I realized it was probably when I became an old woman. A dirty old woman...

Hay fever = muscles I never knew I had. Help! I need the sneezing to STOP. I am of course a multiple sneezer, and after every round, I feel like I've done 100 sit ups. At minimum. Mr. W and I went to b-fast this morning, I of course had my obligatory (but delicious) two bites, and he had the rest. I was discusting at breakfast because I started my sneezing fits, and I instinctively grab my abdominals, instead of covering my sneeze... get the picture? Gross. After one sneezing fit, hubby asks "1600 sit ups?". Pretty close. Sorry about the egg everywhere...

I'm not wearing dressings or my binder today. It's a weird and wonderful feeling. I can't get past looking down at flat abs. There's still some swelling, and I still have little love handles... but I WILL TAKE IT. It's so much better than where I was a year ago. Truly unreal for me in many ways. Night and day difference in my opinion. I don't even mind the scarring. The whole area was already really bad, and now I don't have to announce it to the world all day long and everywhere I go. Well, except on my blog.

Gotta go. Lots to do. Trying to get rid of the kids tonight... RDJ and MR on the brain... Mr W gets the benefit... who needs a costume to be WW???


  1. I can't wait to see Ironman 2. Might get taken tomorrow by hubby and kids for a mother's day treat. I used to love Mikey Rourke back in the day. You might have a fight on your hands for him after I see the movie. I think I can take you since you are so freaking tiny now. :-)

  2. Robert Downey Jr. - HOT!! I have very unholy thoughts about him as well!

    I am glad to hear that the dressings are off, enjoy that flat stomach! You deserve it!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post today. You really are too sweet! <3