Sunday, May 30, 2010


Some days I worry about regaining weight. This weekend I had an epiphany... stop worrying about that because it may lead me straight back to weight gain. INSTEAD, ENJOY THE WEIGHT LOSS!

This means a couple of specific things for me. One, I'm enjoying the hell out of fashion. Well, fashion in a wanna be way, but still trying to be more adventerous. In my late twenties and early thirties, I was all about looking more professional. Translation = "older". I was thin then, too... so I could have done whatever I wanted. NOW, I just want to look Jerseylicious. Seriously.

The next thing may come as a shock because I've NOT been little "Miss Exerciser" to lose weight. HOWEVER, I am sooooooooooo going to enjoy the things my body can now do. That includes hiking, walking, running... the weather is better and I'm feeling GOOD and I'm going to take this as far as I can... BECAUSE I CAN!

It's interesting because this weekend I decided to enjoy being a skinny bitch. And because I was focused on the good, when glorious food and drink have been all around (this IS a holiday weekend!)... I've CHOSEN to ENJOY small amounts. And these small amounts had nothing to do with my band. It was because that was where I was at in my head. A smaller woman enjoying the hell out of it. For everything it's worth.

Amen. ;)


  1. What a great place to be headwise.

  2. Way to should be enjoying yourself after all your hard work

  3. I really think you have got this right.. and I think you should be all about celebrating your new body, your new outlook.. and when I say celebrate, I am not talking about food... just simply being thrilled with what you have achieved.. You are totally rockin that new body.. (I would do the same and maybe someday I will be able to follow in your footsteps).
    For now.. show it off GF...

  4. Nice! That you've now switched gears and are thinking like that is amazing!! And you want to know how I got that hair? I got caught in the rain lol. Every time I do my hair perfectly aka try to straighten it (I have TONS of curl) it springs right back up especially if the rainwater gets to it. That's all it was. No great design - more by accident :)

  5. Good for you. Enjoy life as it was meant to be.