Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full Frontal Nudity

Went to my second post op appointment yesterday. I'm down TEN pounds from last weeks post op weight. We ended up taking only one drain out, because the other is still draining active bleeding, more than 50 cc's per day. So, I'm going to watch it daily, and the second it stops, I'm going to pull it myself. I did make an appointment for a third post op check for next Wednesday. We brought the camera for pictures, and Mr. W took one picture as I was taking off my dressings... it has full nude cha cha'ness. I'm looking down, so you can't see my face. But, I'm not sure where the line is legally for posting naked blog pictures. I obviously don't care about what's in good taste or not, I just don't want the FBI at my door. In the midst of drain pulling, and me bleeding all over the doctor's amazingly starched shirt, and having to be the learning model for his new PA, we completely forgot to take any other pictures. The ten pounds of water weight off really shows, so I'm kinda bummed to not have non-dressing pics of it.

So, not only am I into posting porn on my blog, I'm a big CHEATER. We have this summer slim down program at work, and I usually do not participate in these kinds of activities for an assortment of weird-me reasons. However, yesterday, the usual group of weight loss at work joiners approached me to be on their team. This time I said "yes". Why? Because I know I have all this water weight on! Yesterday, I weighed 179 lbs, so I put that down, knowing FULL well I still have about ten more pounds of water weight to come off. Plus, I'm still eating to lose weight calorie wise, sooooo... you KNOW you'd want a cheater like me on YOUR team. This morning I was at 176 lbs... three pounds in one day... that's the kind of intoxicating (yes, I KNOW unrealistic) weight loss that I LOVE to see.

I'm contemplating leaving work after lunch today, just because... well, I feel freezing cold and tired, so I'm not all that bad ass... but still...

Zone bar, Zone bar, chicken parmesan, maybe some popcorn. If I eat it all, it's 800 calories, and enough protein (not sure of the total, don't feel like checking it out). My band has been t.i.g.h.t! We went to out to lunch yesterday, and I got down two bites. I was being all cocky about leaving my surgeons office, and going straight to eat naughty food. I guess he actually (and unknowingly) got the last laugh, because I do not think two bites of anything counts as naughty. At all. Sigh. I love my band.


  1. I joined a competition at work last year and before I weighed, I drank like 5 glasses of water. Ended up only losing 1 pound in the 6 week competition and my team lost but I say, it was only water. I'd take you on my team anytime-whoops, you are on my team already with the band. As to the pics-you can always use photoshop to add some panties!

  2. Just put a black bar across the cha chas and post em. You can to and edit it for free. I bet you are looking good! Can't wait to see if you do post.
    Oh, and I'm SO GLAD you are not in the swimsuit challenge! You'd win by a landslide. Then I'd all have to love/hate you. Right now the love/hate is focused on Joey and Amy W. so you and I are love/love. It's a good thing.
    What day are we on the GILF countdown? You must be so excited!!!

  3. I want to see the picture! And hell ya I'll take a cheater on my team. :-) What's the prize?