Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fry an egg on it

There has been some question as to whether I had skin work only, or an actual tummy tuck. My consent form at the hospital listed "skin only". I threw "tt" on one of the papers, because my surgeon kept talking about it that way. And, while I did NOT want the post op pain of an actual tummy tuck, part of me was worried that maybe it was better to tweak the muscles while they were there anyway. Well, now I have little doubt that is exactly how my surgeon saw things. We did an entire dressing change and binder washing last night. So, I was prancing around in just my underwear. My husband says "you could fry an egg on that thing". Meaning... my stomach is like iron... flat. My muscles are flat. On me, it almost looks unnatural. It is so completely obvious, I'd feel like an idiot for asking the surgeon. There's no reason to ask. Duh. Do you think?

That explains why I can't walk standing straight. Why I just stopped sleeping in our recliner lounger. Why I needed narcotics for two weeks for pain... it's a deep inside pain, muscle not skin. Why the thought of going without my binder for support is beyond scary. It's all adding up. The visual only confirmed it.

Good news... I'm at my pre op weight. 181 this morning. Still waiting for more swelling to go down so I can see the skin and fat loss on the scale. It's mine damn it, and I want to see it! Today I am wearing a dress I bought wishfully during the fall...now that I'm pooch free, I can wear anything I want. This is weird and wonderful.


  1. It only looks weird because its new to you. I bet you look hot!

  2. Sounding better and better.