Tuesday, June 29, 2010

28 hours and counting...

Apologies in advance. I'm tired, and since it's the middle of the night, I've hijacked the l&d computer for my own personal use. Where are we... cytotec x 5 doses and nothing. Pitocin x 12 hours and nothing. Membranes ruptured x 8 hrs and basically nothing. She's at 3 cm and 70% effaced. It might be the sleep deprivation and all my years in an operating room... but TAKE THIS BABY ALREADY. They just started a Narcan drip because the epidural is giving her hives. Oh, and my daughter is in love with the wonderful (and painless) lab tech and also her amazing anethesiologist (notice a lack of pain theme here?). My first two labors were natural. And then I saw my sister give birth with an epidural and wondered why I had missed the boat on that one. My third labor I opted for the epidural, and I loved loved loved it. And I bounced right back (at a slightly older age I might add), so for me it certainly didn't make my labor or recovery prolonged or more difficult.

While I'm in this slightly morbid mood, I feel the need to tell you that one of my greatest fears came true. So, remember the picture from two or so posts ago that my sweet Mr. W posted... the one with my son and I on the ferris wheel? I mentioned that I was frightened on it? While I was on it, I was honestly thinking, and couldn't stop thinking, that this was NOT the way I wanted to die. Guess what happened last night? One of the carnival workers died on that very ride. The very exact same one that I was completely terrified on. I will absolutely never be getting on another carnival ride. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I can't think of any other crappy news, so I'm going to try to close my eyes for a little while. I have got to get a grip here and focus on the positive energy of this birth and new little life beginning. It is so important to me that my grandson be welcomed and raised with everything he deserves. What do you think of "Mimi" as my grandma name? I liked "Nana" also, I don't know why I didn't think of that one. My maternal grandma was from the south and I called her "Memaw" when I was little. That one is not for me, but I want something cute.

Thanks for bearing with me. Again. Love and hugs and sleep...


  1. awhhh..I feel your pain.. I get nervous those rides are going to collaspe any minute.. the baby will be here soon!! and you will forget every sleepless moment... as far as names .. my kids call my mom.. of all things "mom mom"... keep us updated.. we are all on baby watch!

  2. Now I may never go on a carnival ride again! Scary stuff...

    I hope your daughter isn't too uncomfortable (if that's even possible at this stage of the game).

    I think Mimi would be super cute or Nana. I just can't wait to see him (probably not as much as you all, though!)

  3. Oh no! I hope he comes soon, your poor daughter!

    I am so sorry to hear about the carnival death. I used to be an avid ride rider (is that even a term?) when I was a lot younger. The faster is spun or flipped upside down the better. However, now - not so much. I am terrified to do rides because I am sure that the ride is going to malfunction and I am going to die. I totally understand your fear. <3

  4. Thank God Mimi wasn't on the ride when tragedy struck. That's horrible news. I hope things move along for your daughter or they do a C-section if needed. You're in my thoughts, sending positive vibes your way. Hang in there!
    And, don't let yourself get too tired, sleep deprivation is a no no! Okay, enough preaching!
    Good luck!!!!!

  5. I hope that baby is out by now! Can't wait for pix and such.

    As for your grandmother name, usually it is the little ones who pick those, despite all of our efforts to stear them towards one name or another. Probably why I had a Granny Crackers and a Boppie (my kids called my Boppie "Boppie Boppa" and their grandpa "Boppa Mark").

  6. Guess you're still sleeping! I like nana. Funny that I have been thinking about what I would like my grandkids to call me (I don't have any, but my sister has two) and since there I've been obsessed with not being called granny or grandma. So I'll have to wait. Hope you pick a really good one, so I can use it too. By now that baby should be out. Wishing you all well, granny!

  7. Well I'm late commenting, so hopefully something's happened by now. How about just "G" - That's young and hip.

  8. Holy crap...that's almost as long as my first one!

    My kids call their Grandmother's Mimi and Oma DD was their first on DH's side and couldn't say Grammy (what her Grandmother chose) so Mimi stuck...she loves it now.

    I'm hoping CONGRATULATIONS are in order by now!!!

  9. LOVE Mimi!!

    Hope everyone is doing well by now and is well-rested!!