Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is THAT?

Sleep has been difficult since my Tummy Tuck because of the limited positions I have to choose from. Initially, I was in a lazy-boy. Then, I could tolerate on my back, with a pillow under my thighs. Within the past three or four weeks, I could sleep on my side. Last night... I rolled over... and slept on my tummy. I know it's bad ergodynamics, but I love to sleep on my stomach. But I woke up this morning with a strange twinge just to the left of my new belly button. I've had more than a few weird abdominal muscle issues since my TT, so I pretty much just shrugged it off.

So I'm here at work, and feel the same strange twinge. This time, I decided to check it out manually (yes privately in the restroom). It is ROCK hard. What is THAT? It is... my port! I've never, ever been able to feel my port. I don't know how my surgeon found it for fills. I knew where it was anatomically, and could have found it with a needle, but I couldn't palpate it. Ever.

And, just as interestingly (to me anyway), is that my port has MOVED. With the skin and muscle being brought closer together, my port is now almost directly under my new (old) bellybutton. Why I never think of these things is beyond me. But, duh... of course my port is now in a new position.!!!

It must be because I broke my 174 plateau. I guess I did not win any record in the longest plateau department, but I am so happy to see that I'm not the only plateau breaker this week. BTW, Sandy (Weightloss Rollercoaster)... I was trying to welcome you to the 170's (some of the sexiest women in the world weigh in the 170's!), but my ability to leave comments is glitched again. Welcome!!!

Baby report: Nothing. Just waiting. I'm trying to convince her to come to a carnival with us tonight to walk around. For some reason, she doesn't want to go walk around 10 months pregnant in 95 degree weather. My five year old can't wait!
I'll keep you posted, but if there is a sudden stop of blogging, you probably will have a good guess as to why. Good delivery ju-ju please?!?


  1. Have your daughter plan something she really doesn't want to miss - like a movie in an air conditioned theater followed by a night in a hotel. That will bring that baby along for sure!

  2. I think no matter how long your plateau is, it seems like forever. Glad you pushed through. Consider good delivery ju-ju sent your way.

  3. Glad the plateau broke. My hubby put my sister into labor 29 years ago when she ate one of his spicy hamburgers. Just saying. Hope she has a painless (yeah, right) delivery.

  4. Oh I think it will be weird to feel my port - but I hope to some day. :)
    Glad the scale moved!
    Also, I got the jeans yesterday - THANK YOU so much! They fit fine and get this are a little big in the waist. I'm not sure I'll still fit in them Bono comes around.
    Good baby vibes your way. How much longer will they let her go?

  5. You're going to be such a hot, skinny Grandma!

  6. You skinny beyotch being able to feel your port and all! That's awesome :)

    I hope the baby comes soon...I can't wait to see pics! Sending delivery vibes your way!!

  7. Still 2 years out I cannot lay on my stomach for more than a few minutes. Lately I've had twinges of pain - I think I'm finally getting some feeling back.

  8. Awesome! and freaky... feeling your port like that. My doctor uses ultrasound to do fills so there's no mistakes. *Maria*... Check out my blog "This one time at Band Camp..." at