Friday, June 25, 2010

Having my cake and eating it too

I'm not going to sugar coat this. You know how some people have "ride rides with my children or whomever" as one of their WLS goals? Well, you can cross that off my list. Hard. And with black marker. Or just tear that strip off of my list. And burn it. :)

We went to a carnival last night. And, I rode rides... just because I could. That's fabulous! YAY NSV! It's one of those arbitrary weight loss milestones... and I never need to do it again. Ever. Rides make me frightened. And sick. Now I remember why I didn't get on rides when I was thin.

I am however going to sugar coat THIS. Funnel cake!!! I ate an entire third of one. Yes, I saved calories and it was a predetermined decision. I also ate two bites of a corndog, several french fries, and one nacho. Totally disgusting and wonderful all at one time. Many fun things are?!?

This is why I love my band. I can have my funnel cake, and still fit onto rides (if I wanted to, which I think I've made clear that I do not). I couldn't help but to notice miserable obese women last evening, and feel guilt and sadness and compassion and freedom and a sense of responsiblity... because I could have my cake and eat it too. Many of us bandsters know the misery of sweaty hot, barely able to walk, but doing it anyway, on a hot summer day. I guess being sick from rides is nothing to complain about. I was the lucky one.


  1. I totally agree its one of the many reasons I love the band. MODERATION!

    Sending you and your daughter healthy baby and speedy delivery vibes!!

  2. Yeah for funnel cakes. I had the funniest introduction to them at Disney (

    I can't take any of the dizzying rides (you know the ones that warn you not to ride if you are pregnant or suffer from heart disease... But I love me a good old wooden rollercoaster and ferris wheel. I agree, the band gives us that stop signal we were missing before. And you are so, the lucky one.

  3. Carnival food is so gross and yummy at the same time ~ lol. Great observation about having your cake and eating it too!

  4. You turd - now I want a funnel cake. Dang it!

  5. Amen! Yummy food and still thin? The band (and all of your work) is awesome!

  6. I'm not a ride person either.

  7. MMMMmmmm corn dogs....oooohhh and cake...thanks for your lovely comment on my made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sorry, that sounded creepy.xx

  8. Ohhhh, funnel cakes! All 3 of my kids (including the married one, his wife and 3 granbabies) and I went to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City MO a couple of weekends ago. I split a huge funnel cake with the little ones. It was soooo sickeningly good. I probably ate about a 1/3 to 1/2 of it myself (the kiddos were also eating Dipping Dots--also delish as well). With the band, that was plenty, I was full even though I hadn't eaten much else for several hours. Prior to being banded, I would've wolfed the whole ting down and wanted more.

    It IS awesome to be able to ride on the rides with no issues....that was one of my goals and I reached it!!

  9. I don't do rides either (other than some train ride when I know its not going to spin me around and flip me upside down).
    But good for you.. you been there and done that.. and proudly cross that off your list.
    Yum to the funnel cake..