Sunday, June 13, 2010


OR... blue shirt in the Video Bar (third one down?)...

I apologize for the tracking and sound... I don't know how to get the two integrated better, and it's a miracle it's even downloaded...

SO... good luck!

PS- you can manually slide the two together with your mouse on the tracking bar that moves on the bottom. Kinda sorta works. You gotta really want to see this one. I'm so sorry!

And the damn thing cuts me off... I give up! I'm going to bed!


  1. I love your voice - I always wanted a deep voice. I think it's pretty good considering you had a bottle of something.

  2. You are loooooking gooood! I'm glad you told us which video it was lol I was clueless. I love your voice too!

  3. does cut out. You look wonderful and I can't wait to meet you