Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Appointment Day -UPDATE

*I can get my surgery now.
*Cost about $4500.
*Not going to even try to go through insurance.
*I'm a good candidate for skin only.
*My belly button should remain intact the way he's going to approach.

A few asides:
*I did NOT think of that stupid dream during my appointment... I was fully able to look him in the eye. Very pleasent visit.
*He thinks diet soda is the culprit for my lack of actual loss the past few weeks. There will most likely be more on this topic at a later date. You KNOW how much I love this subject.
*My doctor was only able to aspirate 3.5 cc's (right? where'd the other .25 go?), and he put in 0.5 cc, so I have a grand total of 4 cc's in my 10 cc band?

That is all I have to report. :)


  1. Good for you! Is he doing an horizontal cut? How about drains? Any lipo while he's in there? What does he give for pain meds? Does the $4500 cover follow up visits (I went well over 20x the first year after surgery)? Does it cover any touchups you might need? I'm so excited for you!

  2. *He's going to do a "t" incision
    *one drain
    *I'm not getting any lipo
    *He'll give me whatever pain meds I want, he was very generous after my band surgery.
    *$4500 is hospital, anethesia, and surgeon
    *If I get to the point where I'm worried about touch ups, I'm going to go to the plastic surgeon he refers his richer patients to- some dude who does Vegas strippers... so he must be good.

  3. Geez, 4 ccs? That is nothing! Is your band working?

    Think about getting that lipo while you are at it...Lipo will really smooth it out!

    Meanwhile, I had to pay freaking $5k AFTER my insurance paid for most of my gallbladder surgery. Are you saying I could have had a TT for that amount!? Crap.

    Anyway, excited for you!!!!!

  4. congrats on the stomach surgery. i know it has been weighing (ha ha) on your mind....

  5. Oh dude - get some lipo - have him contour your sides while he's in there. Are you staying overnight? Here's a drain hint - clip them to your bra with hair clips or clothespins - otherwise they hang big time and get in the way and you risk pulling them out. And if I have any other advice - it's take TONS of before and after pics - from every angle - even sitting. On your worst swell days they will be priceless. I'm so excited for you!

  6. I am so excited for you.. not to say I want the details.. but I do.. I just think that is great.

  7. Wow - you're doing it. I'm excited for you. Can't wait to see how it all goes.

  8. Oh Band-Babe - do not forget to ask if he'll fix any dog ears you might be left's little pieces of skin that flap over at the ends of your incisions and at least 50% of TT patients get them...easy to fix but make sure they are in the price...they usually are! Sorry - I keep thinking of things!

  9. Well shit. I just bought 3 diet sunkists today anticipating a need for them at work on this Thursday. So I need you to elaborate. Although I will say last week I lost 4.5 pounds and was drinking the hooch then as well!

    So do you know when will you schedule surgery? Do you know? AND...congrats!!!

  10. How did I miss this?! It's so exciting. I'm freaking out for you. Holy crap! I think I'm going to have to have the skin surgery too. 2 nights ago I was playing with my dog - I clapped my hands and stomped my foot like I was going to come after her - we play a game that I'm going to steal her dog biscuits - as if... anyway, when I stomped my foot on the ground, * my frickin stomach SLAPPED my thigh *LOUDLY* right in front of my husband OH MY GAWD! I could have died! The horror!