Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drunken VLOG

The unauthorized drunken VLOG has made it onto my BLOG! I guess my husband confused "PLEASE DELETE THIS FOREVER" for "POST THIS FOR THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD TO SEE". It's the one where I'm wearing pink. It's HILARIOUS because the sound tracking is off, so it's like a bad chinese movie. With an old white woman. I swear the slurring is because of the video.

Besides finding this VLOG has been posted... it's been a good day. I was originally going to post about that scammer liar s.o.b. bastard a-hole diet pepsi. I weighed 182 pounds this morning. This is n-o-t, NOT, not coincidence! It's happened four times now... stop drinking diet soda, lose lots of weight.

Today was also shopping for lingerie, jewelery, shoes and perfume. I'll spare you clothing descriptions, because I'll just post pictures next weekend. I felt like hot shit sauntering into WHATEVER store I wanted to, and the sales girls making eye contact when they greeted me, because I looked like a hottie pottotie potential customer. Try it when you're 300 pounds. Not so much the same response. Trust me.

That's easy to do when you're shopping... but... hot red push up bra and matching lace panties. Definitely not on the list, however Mr. W didn't seem too upset about the purchase. TSSSSSSSSS. (That was supposed to be the "sizzle" sound.)

Totally a non issue, thank you very much band fill. I love this feeling of being so in control no matter what food is around me. So worth it at any price. If you are reading this and considering getting a band, and think it's too pricey... IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. The mental relief is as amazing as the physical. Enough of this deep shit... I need to go figure out what we're going to do tonight...well, do before the red bra and panties... :)


  1. Are you serious - red push up bra? OMG - so jealous here and I'm not telling the hubby or he'll probably come steal you - he loves red. Seriously - I'm soooo super happy for you! Smooches!

  2. Love the drunko vlog. LOL! So funny you mention the sound thing being like a bad chinese movie...I caught my husband watching an old Jackie Chan movie like that just the other day! SO BAD! Yours however, was not. It was just off a little bit. It's so cool that you dated an Olympic athelete! (glad you didn't go to that one either...I remember that bombing..scary stuff.)
    I absolutely love the blogger get together idea. We *have* to figure out how to do that someday!

    Well, back to you...(sorry!) Red push up bra - Hottttt!! I'm so happy for your fun shopping trip, I'm glad you finally get the attention you've always deserved from those people. I can not wait to see these photos! I am getting so excited for you.

    Oh, and I feel the same way about the support from this community. It's amazing! I WISH my support group at the hospital was even 1/2 as good. I no longer attend either. It was like being preached at. And the preacher didn't even have a band. No thanks.

  3. I was imagining you as Julia Roberts shopping in Lady in Red strutting down the street and giving the look to all those salesladies-like bring in on! Great vlog-all great thoughts. And enjoy the wine.

  4. Okay - my first comment was after just reading your blog. I didn't get time to listen to the vlog - which I now have. I was so entranced...and OMG - yes - can you imagine the fun we'd have if we all got together? Dressing up - eating what we wanted? Okay - and thank you for saying that about my blog this week - it was so tough but knowing people like you appreciated it made it easier. And an Olympian - you little hussy! LOL That is cool - love you BYOC vlogs....and LOVE you!

  5. awesome vlog.... i am totally in for a night of skinny bitch eating!