Thursday, April 15, 2010

No More Sexy Talk

What I've REALLY wanted to post about this week... is my TUMMY TUCK. It's so amazing that it just happens to fall on the exact date of my one year bandiversary. April 20, 2009 I was an obese woman, hoping that this band would really work, and that one day I'd feel normal. April 20, 2010 I am going into the hospital as a much thinner woman, and leaving with a flat tummy! I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm almost done with this whole journey. Ten pounds is what I'm guessing I'll lose in fat and skin. That will take me to 172 (after all the post op weight and swelling, of course). And then... I'm done. For whatever reason, the goddess of tits and ass has smiled kindly on me during this weight loss, and I still have them! I'm a 36D, and want to stay there. I'm not sure I'm going to eat any differently, and this doesn't mean I'm done blogging... because I will always have something to talk about regarding my band. Daily. I'm still figuring out so much about myself and my relationship with food. And as Gen reminded us, to be gentle with ourselves.

Random TT facts:
*I'm all set with admitting, and the financial office.
*I'm on the schedule for Tuesday, the 20th, and will most likely be taken back at noon or one.
*OR time has been scheduled for 2.5 hours
*Self pay OR time charge (paid in advance) $2775. That's about right, OR's run about $1000 an hour.
*Anesthesia charge estimated at $735 (based on 2.5 hrs)
*Surgeons fee- gratis. And no, I did not pay for it the old fashioned way.
*Total cost to me $3510
*AND the nurse who does all of the bariatric reviews here at the insurance company I work for, is going to come to my surgery. She's been in on a bypass, and a band already with my surgeon. I love her, but she is like 6 feet tall and 144 lbs and runs, etc... and it's been interesting to see her perspective change in the year+ since we've added the bariatric rider. We don't cover skin removal after weight loss. Although, I know they have been approved if the person loses the weight by themselves. How dumb is that? I want her to see me as a living, breathing reason why these are medically necessary. She's really excited for me, and that makes me feel really good. Plus, my surgeon is awesome, but will be extra awesomer if she's there, because we've been bringing him lots of business.

Ok, I'm done. I think. One last thing, Barbara from Bucks (sorry love, that's what you'll always be to me...)- I bought the Neutrogena anti-wrinkle eye cream w/ retinol and hyaluronic acid... and I already LOVE IT. I'm putting it on the forehead crease, and my neck crease also. Couldn't hurt? Those are some DEEP wrinkles. So, run don't walk girls... go get some! Oh, and the eye cream, too. (That was a lame sex joke...)


  1. Good Luck to you. This is soemthing I am goign to want done later on, along with a boob lift and such, so I'm glad that I can see how it goes for you! If you feel like sahring photos, please do, because I an really interested in seeing the type of incision they do! :)

  2. I am nervous for you. Not bc I think anything bad is going to happen, but bc I feel like I know you and can feel your anticipation and excitement! One of our own! Yes Draz has a TT, but you will be one of the first in the lapband blog generation to do this..

    a pioneer if you will!

    You better post pictures and keep us updated!

  3. I wish you all the best. You certainly are a success story that we all want to read and follow :)

  4. This is just amazing, Amy is right - you are a pioneer! I'm going to be hanging on every word you say about it...even more than I already do!

    P.S. I'm getting your e-mails, but when I respond, they come back to me. Did you put up an anti-Jen shield or sumpthin? lol

  5. that is just awesome. i can't believe you have done ALL this in one year. you rock!

  6. year! YOu have accomplished so much! Please post pictires and all details! I am excited to hear!!!!!

  7. Dude - in September if your scar is prettier than mine I'm going to give you and your pink panties a wedgie. I love you! Smooches!

  8. P.S. - I liked talking about sex better....hahahaha!