Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Appointment Day

So, I meet with my surgeon today. I want a little top off on my fill. And, I have questions. Lots of questions. Such as-

*Can I get my stomach work done NOW? (No further wgt loss)
*How much is this going to cost?
*Has he been able to get my insurance company to pay for any of these yet?
*Would he recommend muscle work, or just skin? (Since that's all I'm really worried about)
*How much does a belly button cost? (I have a friend who opted out of one to save money... is that just freakish?)

I loved Barbara from Bucks County's post yesterday. Her rules for life. Here's my paraphrase: 1)no dieting 2) less work 3)simplify 4)live in the moment. I also read a good article on CNN yesterday about the show "The Buried Life"... which I haven't seen, but I like the premise. I don't have a "bucket list" per se, but I have been trying to make decisions based on what I'll think about them when I'm old.

So, that means- eating food, working less and not stressing about it, cutting out the un-important things in my life, and... being spontaneous. So, today... I'm also getting my hair done. Yes, two appointments in one day, and I'm not even taking the day off.

Now that I'm looking better, I've also decided that I want to take more pictures of my family, and of myself. Because I've been overweight, I've pretty much stopped all picture taking. Which is so sad, because I may be sorry about that, and all the other pictures I may have missed out on. I'm going to buy a new camera this weekend.

Had a Zone bar this morning, brought a couple of greek yogurts w/ honey (cause of the fill this afternoon), and will be on liquids tonight. Or creamy stuff. Surprise, I'm not all the way compliant!


  1. SAY WHAT! no belly button? you are joking. That is just not right. Once all this goes down, you are going to take lots of pictures for us right?

  2. I've seen the no belly button thing. I haven't seen your stomach but if you qualified for a mini tuck like me you get to keep your old belly button! Is your fill doc the tummy tuck doc too?

  3. I can relate to the no-picture thing! I even stopped scrapbooking because I hate looking at the pics. I am missing from so many important events because I didn't want my pic taken. Trust me - that's all gonna change!

  4. can't wait to hear all the answers!

  5. I would feel like an alien with no belly b.
    I hope it went well today!