Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky Red Panties

If you have delicate sensitivities, please check back tomorrow. Love you. If not, I'd like to address a question Drazil asked in one of her posts last week, it was kind of a blip on the screen with everything else that was going on. I started a response to it, but then thought I'd better not. Well, I changed my mind. This should be explored, because it's important to us BOOBS "band of outrageous babes sisterhood". The topic? Sex. Specifically, after weight loss. Sex is pretty much one of my FAVORITE topics, so I'll happily talk about it. I'll try to be tasteful...

One of my NEW favorite past times is shopping for lingerie. It's the epitome statement of "I feel good about myself". Have you noticed who really shops in these stores... well, it could be YOU. I know my body is way less than perfect, but luckily, my husband makes me feel like a real live Victoria's Secret model... and if the lights are down low enough (never off, come on girls...), I must admit I don't look half bad. When I was overweight, I wouldn't have even walked on the same side of the mall past a Victoria's Secret. Nu uh. No way. And the longing... to not feel like jabba the hut...

Moving on to the "juicy" stuff. I have always been a huge fan of sex. No problem getting to the point, if you know what I'm saying. But, when I was overweight... I hardly even thought about sex. If my husband initiated it (and trust me, it would have to be him)... it was always good (thanks to him), and what needed to get done, got done. Sounds more like a chore, a fun one, but work none the less. Basically it was wham bam, see you again in one week. We could have shook hands as we parted...

NOW SEX IS SO MUCH F*CKING better. Things I love about skinny sex: the clothes, being able to move (300 lb women probably shouldn't be on top), feeling sexy in my clothes, feeling sexy taking off my clothes, thinking about sex during work and then making it happen before dinner (try it, your husband will never look at you the same again), flirting with other men (my husband thinks this is great, we are solid in our committment to each other, and I think it makes him feel more manly when other men are looking at me), silky skin (fat girls shaving their legs, not the greatest activity), smelling amazing (buying perfume because you're so worth it), HIGH HEELS,
sexy make-up, choosing to initiate or choosing to tease (how fun is THAT???), subtle gestures in public, oh... I could go on, but you get the idea, and I'm trying to keep this tame so you don't think we're just pervs. We're not. But, sex is meant to be enjoyed. Meant to be amazing. And, although it was always good/fine... now it is so much f*cking better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to finish off here (get it, ha ha ha)- I can't wait for my surgery next Tuesday, April 20th (it's marked on your calendars, right?)- because once I get my tummy fixed... I am going to feel unstopable. And, I'm not just talking about sex. So, thin, overweight, or somewhere in between... start being a sex kitten NOW. I wish I hadn't waited. If you can't get past yourself in your mind right now, it's ok. You'll get there. And I highly recommend getting yourself a pair lf lucky red panties.


  1. Okay - I'm not kidding. I love you. And - when we all meet up in Chicago let's go to Victoria Secrets. I'm too chicken to do it on my own but my hubby would love it. You're never gonna leave your bed once you have your surgery - it's a whole new lease on life - and I speak from experience. LOVE this post. Thanks for talking about it - it is important - maybe hard to talk about for some - but very important. Smooches love!

  2. Love this post! I'm a sex maniac at any size, but yes, it's definitely hotter the smaller you get (oh THERE'S my vagina!! I wondered where I'd left you!)

    I wish you all the best with the surgery!! xo

  3. This post hits me right in my G Spot - BWAAAHAHHAH!
    Seriously - I love this. DH & I are both rediscovering ourselves without our bellies in between & it it GREAT! Can I come to VS with you BOOBS????

  4. Love your honesty!! I enjoyed it before but its way better when I'm more confortable.

  5. Great post!! Wishing you a speedy recovery after surgery! Can't wait to see before and afters.

  6. This was so cool. And my DH gone for two weeks :-(

    Have fun you naughty little vixen. I guess your kids have been late for dinner. LOL

  7. I have to be honest....we have sex at least 5 times a week. We always have. Whether I was 327 or now...and yes for sure do positions and hold myself in ways that would have never been possible at my previous weight...

    but I could go without sex and be pretty damn happy. Like maybe once a month would be good for me.

    It's odd, bc before Tracey no man had ever given me an orgasm. Sure..I had the skills to please myself...but sex was always a means to an end for me. Then Tracey came along and I orgasm every time...but still...I only do it for him. I know he worries when we skip a few nights....but it's not that I don't think he is hot. I do. He has a perfect penis by the way. He may have small feet and small hands...but the myth aint always true. :) And he would do anything I wanted him to do. We try lots of different things. In fact, he would love to go south of the border and stay and vacation for an hour if I would let him. I usually never let him.


    but I am good at acting.

    Thanks for posting this bc now that my doctor reads my damn blog I can't post about such things! JEESH!

  8. LMAO @ Gilly!

    I feel the same way! I am a horny biotch at any weight but now feel more comfortable and more flexible then before ;-) Looking forward to hearing about your surgery and my calendars marked now - hahaha

  9. I can't wait to get back down to a better weight. For me, the better I feel about myself the better it is. I'm like you sister, I've never had a problem in that department, but can't wait til I can shop at VS!

  10. Umm - after Gilly and Amy what do I say?? Yes - it's much better and I'm still not as skinny as you. I told my husband the other night that once he finishes losing his weight (he's getting banded this summer) we'll be like Brad and Angelina.

  11. I loved all the comments above. I am only 23 days post op but know where you are coming from (excuse the pun). One question. Does the port get more comfortable? Because we had sex 14 days out and my DH knocked the port and he nearly had to scrape me off the ceiling.