Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolate and Whootenannies

Happy Easter! I thought I'd write something tonight, since all of our festivities are over, and Mondays are historically nuts at work for me. I pb'ed at my inlaws today... had to go to the bathroom because it was ALL coming back up. And GUESS WHAT? The toilet plugged... yes, yes it did. Good god. Thanks to Mr. W because he came to my rescue. But, seriously???

I was however more than able to get down some chocolate today. I fully planned to do so. And, it was very tame. No guilt. I keep wondering what "normal" eating really is... and I think todays indulgences were definitely within normal limits. I'm going to sleep happy tonight anyway. Chocolate makes me happy.

Ha ha ha! I was just kidding about the whootenannies part. I just put that in the title so more people would read this post. It seems to be the "magic" word. I was thinking about making up some whootenanny news... but there's nothing new to report. Well, except that chocolate makes me happy (wink wink).

Pictures of "THE dress" will absolutely be posted. I'm intentionally not posting details of it... because I just want to show you. Buying clothes is so fun again. Yesterday, I think I found the shoes I'm going to wear with "THE dress". And, I also cleaned out my closet of all of my old skinny clothes. I have been lugging around these clothes for years, because I felt that getting rid of them was somehow giving up hope. But, NOW I think that I didn't do all of this to wear OLD skinny clothes! After all the worry about whether or not I'd ever be a normal size... I'm going to buy NEW skinny clothes. I am going to enjoy this for all it's worth.


  1. I think cleansing your wardrobe is great therapy...after all just because some of the skinny stuff may fit (or soon fit) doesn't mean that you would wear it now anyway. They also say that getting rid of the old opens the door for something new

  2. I agree with buying new skinny clothes. I would keep this stuff and think I would wear it again but then realized I worked so hard to lose the weight, why wear old stuff. I have one dress I kept and pulled it over me last night (I read your post yesterday). Still lots of bulges and I need another 30 pounds gone, but it looked "old". I think I bought it 10 years ago. So it is just my goal dress, but I'll be the one racing out to the store for a new wardrobe. It is actually strange, because I NEVER wear dresses or skirts. Another 30 pounds and we'll see.

    So glad the chocolate made you happy (wink, wink). Didn't work for me!

  3. OH MAN! You totally sucked me in. And I am sure Drazil will be here in a few moments bc both of us love some lady station talk!

    I am starting to come to the conclusion there is no such thing as normal eating. Really. Do you know anyone who is a "normal" eater. I don't.

    And what is normal anyways?

    lol! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. haha! You tricked me - but I always look forward to your posts and read all of them anyway! I do have to say, I got all excited thinking you had found the MSP. LOL!

    I'm glad DH saved you from the clog...OMG - that happens to me at embarrassing! (It's the toilet, NOT me! I swear!)

    I can not wait to see you in THE dress! I think you are right about the skinny clothes. You didn't come all this way to wear old clothes. No way - you deserve a whole new wardrobe.

  5. Band Babe - you are evil - you cannot write whootenanny and then not talk about it. I thought you were going to give me some life-changing advice here. If I didn't love you so much I'd throw a chocolate bunny at you - cuz I got some - right here - in my pocket. Smooches.