Friday, April 9, 2010

No Shit Sherlock

Day # 3 with no diet soda. And guess what? The scale FINALLY said 183. The great, white elusive 183 has been captured! I am completely convinced about diet pepsi making me fat. Hmmmm... everytime I drink it, my weight loss stops.... when I stop drinking it, my weight loss starts. This may be a very personal phenomeneon, and may not apply to anyone else. But, I am convinced it is all too real for me, and I am even suspicious that this is the universe's way of sticking it's middle finger up at me? I love a tall, icy cold, bubbly, crisp diet pepsi. Just the thought of it makes me happy. Having to forego it to lose weight, it cheapens my weight loss... it's a hollow victory for me. My scale and weight loss can go f*ck themselves.

Good thing tonight is Drunko as it appears I may need it! I'm expecting to lose becasue I always do... at least I get all my money back. I don't ever expect to do well gambling because I'm so damned lucky at love!!! So, I will drown my mourning over stupid diet pepsi in booze and sex. Yeah!

I really blew it yesterday. My handsome husband had the morning off for appointments, and at the last minute decided to take the afternoon as well. He asked me to take my afternoon off to spend with him. And, I chose work. It worked out well for me because he ended up doing all the weekend cleaning. But, it was the WRONG choice. So, in order to try to make up for it, we went to a movie. On a worknight!!! Guuurrrl, are you out'cher mind??? Craziness, I know. We went to see "Hot Tub Time Machine"... again. If you like the "f" word, male adolescent humor, and the 80's!!!, then you'll like this movie. It's so stupid, I really love it. We've already started our incessent one liners from it. I think it will be a cult classic for us. We're weird that way, I know.

Zone bar, greek yogurt, lasagna. I'm thinking for dinner? A bottle of wine. And then a sleeping bill. Yummy. Love ya'll.


  1. LMAO @ "My scale and weight loss can go f*ck themselves." I felt the same way yesterday.
    Have fun at Drunko! I want to see that movie. I have had a crush on John Cusack since 1986 and the movie One Crazy Summer.

  2. You crack me up - I just love you - stupid pop. Why is everything I love so bad for me? Smooches!

  3. Maybe a good bottle on Pinot Noir???