Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Naughty Girls

There were really no surprise responses to yesterday's post about SEX after weight loss. I'm so proud of all my horny BOOBS friends! You know, sexual health is a key indicator of mental and physical health. There has been considerable group effort recently in exploring the "why's" of being overweight (mental). And, we are all working our asses off (in one way or another) to get to healthier weights (physical). Why not enjoy the fringe benefits? Defining those benefits is individual... like I wouldn't encourage cheating... I'm aware that some people take their sexual liberation to the limits. But, now that sex is fun again... My fringe benefits definition includes: Teasing my husband, I love to taunt him ("accidental"
peek of bra or panties), gentle brush up against him, ask him what he's been "thinking" about this week... but I won't let him touch me. This makes for some very fun sex when he finally gets his way. And it's fun for me because I can, well... move... NOW, I can physically take control in the bedroom (or wherever...) when I want to. There are no physical limits on doing whatever feels good for ME (and he hasn't minded that yet). From what you've shared with me it seems we are a bunch of VERY healthy girls!!!

I'm emailing Mr. W about my blog, and this is what he just sent me:

8:45 Mr. W- in all seriousness, I am very happy that you have found that blog group as support. You are able to express seriousness, hilarity, and naughty all in the same forum. You are all women with a common goal, and each of you seem to have found a sense of belonging. That is cool
I am glad you decided to start blogging

8:45 Me- i'm going to chicago w/ them the first weekend in june

8:46 Mr. W- poor Chicago.....

8:47 Me- right!

8:50 Mr. W- "it's been reported that a group calling themselves BOOBS has taken over the chip n dale dance club, and refuses to let the dancers leave

... taunting them with "we're phat, we know it, we shake our big booties and show it! we have looks, we have riches... and yes, we're all skinny beothces!!!!!!"


I don't know if he made that up himself, but I'm going to memorize it, and drive everyone crazy with it on our trip! Well, I actually had some tummy tuck stuff I wanted to discuss today, but looks like sex won this match up. BE GOOD!


  1. I just found your blog and I can tell you are a kindred spirit already!! if all of ladies can get together in Chicago, lord help that city!!! :)

  2. hahahaha!! He's great! That is SO going on the new blog!
    Could you please e-mail me?
    Thanks Babe!

  3. I am super close the Chicago so count me in if that is indeed the place!

  4. Love love love the posts and the sex too!!! Yeehah

  5. BRILLIANT husband, where did you find him?????

    So true what you said about sometimes you just want ice cream for the taste of it! I was just thinking, this is a normal part of life, this is how normal people eat. It does not always have to be about hunger. Thanks for that reminder!