Monday, April 5, 2010

Chunky Dunk

We're looking at license plate covers for Mr. W's new car... and at this point it's just getting silly. Plain old boring might be the ticket. Not a big fan of stickers and license plate covers, but given the right one, I'd consider it. These would be examples of what I would NOT consider: "Part time tech, full time geek master", "I banged the drummer" (that one would be for MY car, of course), and my personal favorite... "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk". Ah ha. Ha.

Seriously, though, Mr. W is concerned about me losing too much more weight. I still have boobs and butt. There is a part of me that says stop. Well, stop after my stomach surgery.... I'm assuming that will be around ten pounds of weight, which would leave me in the low 170's. Then, there is the part of me that says take this as far as you can. I think there's alot more chunky acceptance than there was even ten years ago... but, I still feel this pressure. IT'S AS IF I'M NOT LOSING, THEN I MUST BE GAINING. How warped is that? Typical "diet" mentality?


Eggs w/ ham & cheese & green salsa, strawberry/yogurt Zone bar, turkey w/ gravey & mashed potatoes. 700 calories, lots of protein. Don't know about dinner yet. I need to work on not snacking at night. It hasn't been horrific, but I've been grazing "just because". No PMS or anything. I don't begrudge myself a little before bed treat, but maybe not as unplanned as it's become. There's always something to work on!


  1. How Mr. W got a new truck. We get new clothes, they get new cars? Hmm...

    You can do the maintenance, I believe in you. Plus, you need to do it and keep blogging so by the time I get there (which at this rate will be another year) you can help me do it. It's a scary thought for me too. In the past, the millisecond I stopped dieting - I started gaining. (Rapidly!)

  2. Gosh I wish my stomach surgery would have netted me 10 lbs! Girl you can maintain no problem - I know you can!

  3. Maintenance (and setting a goal) must be scary, but you have what you didn't before- your band. Noe that you bring it up, I'm try to remember a time in my adult that I maintained a weight. I can't remember one...

  4. This is a very interesting topic and one I have been mulling over for awhile. Can't you just see where you body will take itself without deprivation?

    I dont know.

    I am babbling.

  5. lol Like you chunky dunk comment. Got a giggle. I am seriously not far off where you are - that is the maintenance stage. We can do it though. Look how far we have come. Nice that you feel you are in such a spot you need to stop losing (or was that your hubby lol)

  6. Oops try *your* chunky dunk comment. Sigh. Stupid typos.