Thursday, April 8, 2010


I had Tylenol for breakfast, and I am SO FULL. That might be a tiny exageration, but I honestly love that gurgly feeling I get when I drink water after a fill. My lower stomach is grumbling madly, but I'm not head hungry in the least. I'm so jealous (but at the same time happy for my friends) when everyone else has such amazing restriction. Today, it's my turn! Hooray!

I'm on day #2 of no diet soda. Yesterday my surgeon and I discussed possible reasons for my lack of weight loss over the past several weeks. While I admittedly am not eating 1200 calories a day, I am averaging 1400 or 1500 which is still excellent for weight loss. On a really bad weekend day, I may get 1900 calories... but mathematically that should still be enough for a small loss. The ONLY thing that is different is that I've upped my diet soda consumption. He is vehement that diet soda inhibits weight loss for some people, himself included. I know this has been studied, and that the phenomenon exists, it's just that no one is sure why this is? Some of you might know more about this than I do. Bottom line for me is, every time I cut out the stupid diet soda, my scale goes down.

I'm scared about getting my ducks in a row for my surgery... afraid something is going to go wrong somewhere... but I'm feeling the fear, and doing it anyway.

Tylenol. Oh, and greek yogurt w/ honey. I'm going to attempt to suck on a Zone bar at lunch. And water, lots and lots.


  1. That's so weird you posted that about the Tylenol! I had the EXACT same thought yesterday! Man I love the band sometimes!

    I find I can't drink fizzy stuff anymore at all. The bubbles just come right back up. I thought I'd miss it more than I do, because I was a soda junkie, but I really don't. And stuff with aspartame in it tastes weird to me now. I do miss Perrier though.

  2. Fills are the best :) I am due for one I think. It has been since Jan. for me.

    How exciting about the surgery!!!

    Good luck with the soda...I haven't had one since a month before surgery but I was always a coffee/tea drinker.

    Have a great day!

    PS- yes, the eye pic is me...

  3. If you get any answers about the soda, I'll be interested. I have always wondered that too. Although I've cut it out before and still not lost weight. But I'm going on a month sans diet soda (its HARD) and am still losing very little weight.

  4. I just had my fill a couple hours ago and my soup is gurgling down. I love it too! Glad that fill is working. :)

  5. haha - that cracked me up. Lunch? Oh, no I couldn't, I had a cracker and I'm STUFFED. hahahah! Love the band on days like that.
    I've heard that about diet soda too. I just read an article yesterday and Dr. Oz said something about it but now I can't find it. I'll post it here if I find it.
    I'm sending good tummy surgery planning ju ju your way. It will be OK.

  6. Found it!
    Stop drinking diet sodas -- and, no, you cannot replace them with sugary sodas.

    The ugly truth is that diet sodas do not make you thin. "If diet soda really worked, don't you think they'd market (that) they help you diet?" Oz asked. "You don't see an ad like that because diet sodas don't help you diet."

    He explained the science behind this, which basically boils down to this: Diet sodas screw with your brain. They taste sweet but don't provide calories. So your brain gets all confused.

    "What really happens is, diet sodas remind your brain to eat," Oz said. "So you get your calories from another source, and you will eat more of it."

    Here is the full article:

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