Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yes, I will be taking "before" pictures of my grotesque pita flap for your insanely morbid curiosity. I know I'd want to see! I'll do them on Saturday, when I also take my super hotty totty pictures. I'll feel much better having that balance.

Help, if you can... at the Ronald McDonald House charity gala, I will be seated at the same table as our brand new CEO. I've ridden the elevator with her (twice!) and made chit chat... but now I really want to talk with her without her thinking I'm a babbling idiot. I'm trying to think of SAFE topics (not anything with the words- healthcare, reform, insurance industry, religion, etc...). Any thoughts of interesting questions I might ask her, or topics that may be appropriate? I'm the only "social" one in our little group that's attending (and that is a pathetic statement) and I feel like it's up to me to do a bang up job at representing the pediatric department. HELP.

Back to my usual format-

Found a terrific new nail salon.

Friday's work menu includes a Zone bar, greek yogurt w/ honey, and thai chicken and noodles. My diet is much more varied at dinner and on weekends. I need food I can quickly throw together. I switch it up some weeks.

Well, I don't think I could make this any more boring if I tried, so I'll log off now. I hope I'm not this boring on Saturday. I need your help to be the wittiest, most gracious, approachable yet polished, BOOB there!!!

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