Saturday, February 6, 2010


Guess how much I still weigh? I think I'm done with 1200 calories a day for a while. I'm averaging 1600, never more (hardly ever more) than 1800 calories per day, and that's all I'm willing to do. So, if this last 40 lbs takes awhile, so be it. I obviously don't want to do the exercise part yet, or I would have already started. When I do it, when I do ANYTHING from here on out in my life, it will be because I WANT to, not because I have to. So, I will enjoy where I'm at. My family has told me to stop losing weight, and I could probably get along just fine if I did, but I'm not ready to be finished. I am however ready for it to be slower at this point. I'm at acceptance with myself, my body, and my rate. For today, anyway...

BONCO? BUNKO? Don't know which it is, but I started with a group last night. Super fun. I saw a drinking version of it on the Real Housewives of Orange County (guilty pleasure)- and it looked VERY fun. My daughter's ex-boyfriend's mom asked me to join her group, and last night was my first try. I don't know how anyone could do it drunk, but next time I might try. As I was getting ready to go super quickly after work last night, my daughter told me how proud she was of the weight I've lost and how much happier (and social) it's made me. Fat stopped me from enjoying life and people. No more!!! And, this week I get to start getting ready for the Queensryche concert that I bought tickets for my husband, which is next weekend. TMI, but Mr. W wants me to wear a leather miniskirt. Ummm... I don't know if that's going to happen. If it looks unsausagelike, I may do it, but I'm going to have to start some serious shopping this week.

Oh, and I think apologies are in order for my lack of editing in these blog posts. Sorry about the sentence structure in the above paragraph. And, when I was talking about my last band fill (from a couple of weeks ago), it's a "c"oring needle not a "b"oring needle. That's been haunting me. And, women should "w"eild power, not "y"eild power (from my post yesterday). Those are the only two that bother me. Too bad I can't send my blog through the same editing process I do at work. I'm pretty certain there have been lots of other errors I should have caught, so thanks for bearing with me. You know what I mean!

If I decide to shower today, will that count? I love staying in my pj's all day, at least one day out of the weekend. No worries!

Mr. W woke up early and made bacon, sausage, ham & cheese omelettes, hash browns, french toast, cantaloupe, grapes, orange juice, chocolate milk, and regular milk. Seriously, all of that. And, he invited his parents over. My band is working really well, I had a couple of bites of omelette (because it's my favorite), and a few bites of hashbrowns (just because!). I've had a little second serving of omelette for late lunch. I should also confess the lemonheads, swedish fish, and sour patch kids I've eaten while watching movies this afternoon. Altogether, I estimate about 1,000 calories so far. Not great choices, but also not pigging out. So, I'm still at acceptance right now. Please remind me to not beat myself up when I start PMS'ing. Back to an awful movie ("Love Happens", but that movie does NOT), I said I'd be right back in a minute, and it's been five... no wonder I have no editing in my posts... bye...


  1. You sound great, awesome attitude! You look like you don't have much more to lose - that may be why it is so slow.

    I have been with a Bunco group for about 7 years - totally fun, but after all these years we have dropped the pretense of playing the game and just get on with the cocktailing and gabbing! So excited for your new social life!

  2. Ok, so what is Bunco? I have never heard of this.

    You know one of the things I like most about you is your upbeat, positive attitude. Even when you grumble (which isn't often) you don't really sound like you are lol. I hope this 40 pounds dissolves eventually as it's a goal for you, we know this. But typically, in life, nothing really happens the way it should and if it takes a bit longer - well, being the kind of person you are, you will deal with that too with a sunny attitude :)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Drunko is a blast! You look great! I think figuring out where we need to end up will hopefully sort out on it's own.