Friday, February 5, 2010


Pronounced Kw-OH-fee. In case I wasn't the last person on the earth to hear this word, it is a variation on the acronym for "Queen Of Fucking Everything". I first heard it a couple of years ago where I currently work, obviously with a bunch of QOFE's. I am one. And, I do believe there are one or two or ten other QOFE's in band blog land. Some are sweet about it. Some disguise it. Some are unabashidly unapologetic. Some are faking it till they make it (perfectly acceptable in my book). Some were simply born to rule the world. Some handle power with grace, some less so. Some don't realize the power they actually yeild. But, I am fairly convinced that there are many, many QOFE's in our little community. These are merely my personal observations, no judgement attached. No good, no bad, it just is.

I hold firm to my thought that the band is not for cheaters, but only for the strong. It is for those looking for a competitive edge... most of us are not used to losing. We are addicted to success. It is ours to take, and we are doing so. And most beautifully, although admittedly not perfectly, we are helping each other to succeed. We understand each others fears and failures, but most importantly- each others potentials! We have exceedingly high expectations for ourselves, and often for those around us, but are learning to be gentle with ourselves, and with each other. We bandster QOFE's have the power to lift, motivate, lead, and make change. The only place we are losers is in weight, and in my opinion, we are also the queens of that.

I just called a bunch or really strong women queen's of fucking everything to their faces...

Healthy, but not so high in protein. Granola bars, yogurt, cheese stick, frozen lasagna. It's about 700 calories, maybe 30 grams protein. My darling daughter made cupcakes last night, and I had a little frosting incident... I controlled it to the best of my ability. Enjoyed it, refused to feel guilty about it. It was a little difficult to wash the majority of it down the sink, but it was the only way... sigh...


  1. thing I ever heard! I'm getting a T-shirt made!! lmao!

  2. I have never heard of QOFE... but love the concept (I think it's kinda of alpha).
    Also love your observations about the band being for the strong... you are absolutely dead on with this.. if you don't go into this journey with success on your mind.. then the band won't work.. it's not a quick (or a slow) fix to loosing weight. It drives me nuts that my family has the preconceived notion that the weight should drop off in 10 pound increments (they must be watching too much biggest loser TV). I tell them I am not in a race I am trying to change my life (for the better).

  3. I just started following you and what a great first blog to read! I can't wait to go backwards and read more! I am working on getting myself banded and the more I can read the better - I love to be informed and reading the blogs keeps me distracted from the six month supervised program for insurance. Anyway, nice to meet you. If you are interested, my blog is:

  4. I LOVE this!! I want a shirt too!! QOFE's are my kind of girls. (& thanks for your comment on my made my day! :)

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving your link! I can't find the 'Band-Babe' name on my followers...does your avatar have another name (just trying to link people with their blogs)? You have a great blog here and guess what?! We have the SAME band birthday!!! You give me hope that I can get to 100! Looking forward to reading more!